Osoyoos sockeye 2016

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  1. sly_karma

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    There is another good return en route, more than 160,000 have crossed Wells Dam to date, with the run historically peaking July 15. Last year we had problems with low river flows and high water temps, that thermal barrier caused most of the run to stay in the Columbia. This year we have the opposite. Cool damp weather over the past 4 weeks has prompted some fish to continue directly up river and there have been sockeye sightings at McIntyre Dam and even at OK Falls. A return to seasonal normal air temps will cause a climb in water temp as well, we should see most of the fish retreat back to Osoyoos Lake. No recreational opening has been posted yet.

    You can view fish counter totals for the Columbia dams here:
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    I was told about this and it seems pretty interesting. I was looking into it and it sounds like quite a few hoops to jump through to fish it. Have to attend a meeting report all catches on the radio there is fishing hours. Have you ever done it? Any more insight would be awesome. Cheers
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    Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't imagine eating a sockeye that's traveled hundreds of miles upriver to spawn. They must be pretty nasty looking by that point. I'd say give them a pass, and let them spawn. Even fishing catch and release would probably be too stressful on those fish because of the high water temperatures in the area. I think opening up the freshwater to sockeye retention was one of the biggest mistakes ever made in our fisheries management in the province. Just my opinion.
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  4. Big Green Machine

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    Very very good table fare, do the fishery or learn about it before you get an opinion....
  6. Tockeyetalmon

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    Is it just me or does the sockeye in that picture have spots on its tail??
  7. TheBigGuy

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    To each their own, as I stated in my post that is just my own personal opinion. I thought the forum was a place to express our opinions. I did not attack the original poster (or anyone else if they felt like participating in this fishery) . If the fishery is open it is their right to participate in it. I do not need to participate personally in the fishery to hold an opinion about the fishery.

    Personally, I'm not going after Salmonid's that have run the gauntlet and swam hundreds of miles to finally get back to their place of origin. I wouldn't do it on Shuswap Lake or river with the big springs that return there, or any other location hundreds of miles upstream. That is just my opinion, I feel any Salmon that has beet the odds and traveled that far probably isn't in that great of shape and has earned the right to reproduce.

    If I am planning on retaining a Salmon to eat I would much rather it be a Salmon in prime condition from the ocean. I don't keep that many Salmon each season, and if I do keep them for eating I would certainly not keep river fish for consumption.

    If I choose to release the Salmon I catch in the ocean I feel they have a good chance at surviving if played quickly and not removed from the water. Fish that have traveled long distances upriver have not fed and are already stressed by warm water conditions. Therefore, I would not want to target them for catch and release as their survivability is probably poor if repeatedly stressed.

    It is basically just a personal opinion. I was not critical of anyone who chooses to participate. I hold the same opinions about fishing rockfish populations. I choose to try and limit my rockfish take if at all possible. I feel the rockfish populations do not need added stress by fishing pressure. I do not bash people that participate in that fishery. As long as it is legal they are entitle to do so. I simply try to make non judgmental comment when expressing my opinion. That is what I thought this forum was for. I try not to attack other forum members even though our opinions may differ.

    Everyone has the right to express their opinion, as long as they are not crossing any lines that most rule abiding members know should not be crossed.

    Nuff said
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  8. Canso

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    They are hatchery fish, looking forward to see how it works out. Most of these fish are shore spawners unlike there Fraser river relatives.
  9. Big Green Machine

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    Big Guy, I appreciate your opinions. You comment on almost every thread on this forum, even in ones that talk about recreational fishing opportunities that you have not participated in. It is obvious you have knowledge about them, but sometimes people are looking for first hand feedback.

    It's a put and take fishery that cannot sustain too many fish returning to the spawning grounds, in fact if that were to happen, it would be detrimental to the run. Not rocket science and thanks to our FN folks, a great opprtunity for tourists!
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  10. TheBigGuy

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    I respect your opinion
  11. FilletShow

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    Actually, the sockeye out of Osoyoos lake are great eating. I hear it all the time from people saying they would never eat the sockeye from the lake. Honestly I held the same opinion until I started slaying them and cooked one up for myself. The first fish I caught I took home to BBQ to gauge whether I was going to continue ...... I was back on the water the next morning at first light for more. I have converted a retired fellow from Prince Rupert who was poking my salmon on the BBQ at a party, saying the same thing. "Those fish can't be any good out of Osoyoos Lake". Well, he came back for seconds and thirds after his "sample", and pretty much ate a whole fish himself. He was up the next morning readying his boat for Osoyoos Lake Sockeye I was told. I catch my fair share of fish out of the ocean too, so I know what ocean fish are like also.

    The fishery is not a hastle at all. You get to fish it like any other fishery, with some rules. The required meetings and other criteria are for the Community Fishing Initiative organized by the ONA for a catch sharing program to supply local restaurants with fresh sockeye and to collect data on fish. Yes, the restaurants also believe they are acceptable table fare!

    To maintain and maximize the quality of your fish, it is recommended that fish are quickly put on ice when caught. You have to remember the temperatures in Osoyoos quickly climb above 30 degrees in August and the water is easily well over 70 degrees. If memory serves me correct close to 76 degrees Celsius. So ice your fish right away. As with all my fish, bleed immediately, and gut ASAP. Then on ice.

    Catch and release is not recommended as fish will most likely die due to water temperatures.

    That's my $0.02! Now back to tying pink hootchies on short leaders!!
  12. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Good job Filett Show, excellent response!
  13. TheBigGuy

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    I stand corrected. If you and others say the Sockeye from the lake are good table fare I will take your word for it. Enjoy your fishery.
  14. Capt_Ed

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    Just announced, July 29th opening.
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  15. sly_karma

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    I'll be out there early Sat morning, will monitor channel 68. Call sign is "Plan B". Get those Gay Pride rigs ready folks and don't forget sun shade and plenty of ice and water. Salmon fishing at 36 C!
  16. FilletShow

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    10:4. That's why I shoot for limits by 8-9 and off the lake. And start killing Kokanee by noon!!

  17. aly1969

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    does anyone know where to get a map
    of the lake with the off limit areas. im in christina lake and dont know osoyoos lake that well
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  18. Travo

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    Can anyone give general speeds , lures etc for catching these beast i wouldnt mind trying for a day or two before our nootka trip on the 7th get the itch off .. i have downriggers and lots of gear ... Tried mabel lake last year for shits n gigs and we caught a double header out of about 30 boats i didnt see one fish caught both mid 20's but dark
  19. Big Green Machine

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  20. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Pink 2.5-3" hootchie, red hook, red or pink flasher. Short leader, 16-20", troll 1.3-1.5 mph. Try 60 ft depth to start with.
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