Original Tomic, Lyman and Sea King Plug prices?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by kingblazer84, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys so a buddy of mine is helping an older lady friend of his clear out her passed away dads house who was a hoarder and I mean stacked to the roof and he has stumbled upon his fishing collection and I mean lots of gear! mostly all new and un used!

    right now he has brought me about 12 plugs 4" - 7" tomics, lymans when they were made out of vernon not kelowna, and Sea King Plugs.

    just wondering on if any guys would be interested in some of the plugs and what price they would be willing to pay, im grabbing prob around 6 for myself but he says there is many more there!

    He just has to dig them out lol so kinda testing the waters to see what you all think they would be worth.
  2. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    Well a new lyman was running around $12 just before they went tits up. That was one of their 4” low quality versions. NOS quality ones gotta be worth more. In fact, a guy throws and ad up on Kijiji Kelowna every once in a while looking to buy Lyman’s and he’s offering $15 and up. Don’t know about the others.

    If he’s got any rainbow (green back, off white belly and pink lateral stripe) pattern lymans with black spots, grab em up. I’ve caught every species from rock fish to springs to halibut and lings on the same 4” plug. And they work just as well in fresh water too.
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  3. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    Also noticed some 5" lucky louies made by bill minser and some 5" + plugs made by Rex Field as well im sure those are worth some money?
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  4. Are the plugs in original boxes? Are the Rex Fields wooden? Like to pictures if possible.
  5. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    no boxes and the rex fields look to be possibly plastic I dont know if rex ever made any wooden plugs. whats your number I could fire off some pics to yah
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  6. fishizzle

    fishizzle Member

    Any Lymans in the 2" size?
  7. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    Don’t know yet my buddy will have to do some digging still he hasn’t even attacked the room really he just opened a small box and there was a box of about 12 plugs in it lol this room has about 40 tackle boxes and rods everywhere and yah it’s a process... lol
  8. paguy

    paguy Active Member

    The tomics aren't worth much, If they are in the individual cardboard box, Not the six pack box they can go $15-$25. The rex field plugs were made in wood and can be worth pretty good money, If there plastic not worth much. the lyman plugs if in mint condition and are a color that guys still fish are worth $15-$25. The lucky louies depends, if there wood or plastic,In the box or a rare color can go $15-$200. If shovel nose they can be $50-$300. The sea kings really depends on condition and color and if they are in the box, Seen them go from $20-$100. These numbers are from watching salmon plugs bought and sold for the last twenty years.
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  9. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Kencraft, east of Vernon, which normally has good deals and discounts on most things has marked up all their wall of Lymans. Some of the bigger ones are over $30.00.
    I got a box of 20: some finished, some unfinished, no eye screws, 2nds etc... for a dollar each as Lyman was closing up around Christmas of 2016. Still haven't got around to using them or painting/finishing.
  10. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    been many a time to kenkraft, its a fishermans dream there thats for sure, well the lymans are from when they were based out of vernon and most are in decent shape and tubby, ive talked to my buddy and it sounds like we are going to get them all laid out on a table and take some pics and ill post them up and guys can scour through and see what they want and we can discus prices. I know the tomics arent worth HUGE coin but still you go buy them in the store your paying 12-17$ for large ones depending on colors and size.

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