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    I am certain that the farm I worked on for a couple years in the early to mid '80's had unsuccessfully tried Triploid Chinook. In saying this, they were penned and crowded until harvest. I also don't know if the water conditions were the best either, due to area pulp contaminants and brackish water for long periods of the year. The tidal flow was ok. This farm closed long before Atlantic salmon were ever used in the area.
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    DFO has very recently conducted research on triploid Chinook and considered if and how they may fit into conservation or fishery-related hatchery programs. Triploid juveniles from Capilano hatchery were reared to smolts stage at West Vancouver Lab successfully, but the research wasn't pursued for several reasons.

    There are several outstanding unknowns about triploid Chinook that make it an extremely difficult and expensive undertaking to pursue:
    1) If the fish do not mature, are they likely to simply remain in the high seas for their entire life and not return to the coast and rivers?
    2) Triploid males do mature, and are able to attempt to spawn although they are not fertile. If they return to rivers with wild salmon they are likely to compete with and displace diploid males and result in a lower productivity by spawning unsuccessfully with fertile females
    3) In order to avoid this negative outcome, an all female broodline would need to be developed and used to create AF3n triploids (like the FFSBC does for rainbows). No facility currently exists that could do this, at least in the public realm.
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    This may be helpful...I didn't see it posted anywhere. See attached PDF file.

    Unprecedented biennial pattern of birth and
    mortality in an endangered apex predator,
    the southern resident killer whale, in the
    eastern North Pacific Ocean

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    An excellent read, thanks for posting.
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    Thought provoking, to be sure.

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