Open salmon fishing area close to Pender Isl

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    Hello there, planning a fishing trip with my son next week. We will be looking for a close run from Port Browning for salmon. First time in this area so just looking for some assistance. Wanna drop a crab pot too.
    Also, what works best out there.
    Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated .

    I did hear the outside of Galiano wasn’t bad.

    Cheers and fair winds to all.
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    you might want to check out this area chart with closures that was done up by someone on salt spring recently. Port Browning is smack dab in the middle of the closures (purple shaded area) so you'll have to travel a bit. Note all of the RCA's (red dotted areas) as they are closed to all fishing as well. If the weather is good it's a good bet to just head out the Strait of Georgia and fish along Galiano/Mayne/Saturna outside of the RCA's and you should find some fish. This time of year anchovies are tough to beat but certainly hoochies and spoons will catch fish also. 100-140 are common depths to find fish but try lots of depths and when we start hitting fish just stay where you find them. If the weather (wind) is bad the southwest side of Moresby Island (fairfax pt) is often a sheltered area to fish. Have fun out there and good luck.

    pender closures 2a.jpg
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    Thanks for the very kind assistance and here is wishing to you some very positive energy karma for where ever you fish or set sail.

    As you probably know positive energy is a must for a good day on the water.
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    Another spot close to Browning is the east side of Saturna in 18-11 but be careful going through Boat Passage (speed is your friend) and make sure that you avoid the RCA. There seemed to be quite a few boats fishing there last weekend, between Tumbo and Saturna. As for crabbing, just in front of the Browning marina is usually pretty good or take the canal between the Penders and you can drop your traps in Bedwell Harbour, across from Poets Cove. Good luck.
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    Thanks so much we really appreciate all the guidance... heading out from Ladner on Tuesday . Really looking forward to dropping a line and enjoying the area.

    Best to you and your days on the water.

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