Oil spill as big as Paris

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    Was in Thucydides who said; "A collision at sea can ruin your whole day."? I'm pretty sure if he knew about 900' long super tankers back then he would have instead said; "A collision at sea can ruin your whole ecosystem."
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    The Sanchi oil tanker spill now ranked second most damaging spill in human history, after the Exxon Valdez and worse than Deepwater Horizon. Natural gas condensate mixed into the water column puts rich seafood from the East China Sea at risk of contamination. Canada's proposed tanker moratorium would not protect BC's coastal waters from a spill of condensate.

    CBC Podcast: https://podcast-a.akamaihd.net/…/current-6dc8WuGyTq1AEt0.mp3
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    Kinder Morgan Texas billionaires just cra**ping on BC right now with ongoing prep to bring in a fleet of 900' Chinese tanker time bombs into Georgia Straight through Gulf Island eco systems and then to Vancouver. I don't want to fish in that or find out no reason to fish a dead zone. Just recently to the north Site C construction company was bought out by the Chinese State slave labour communist government with BC Hydro blessings and a deal for billions of offshoot projects and the insistence by China to bring in their own slave labour workers. BC real estate, cities and farmland will not be protected by Horgan unlike New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. Abdication? Give up, abandon BC lower mainland and now Victoria, Nanaimo to a 1.4 billion population dictatorship wrecking ball. What a society of sheep! If one doesn’t fight for their rights or their home, then others will, indeed, take it from them. This province is being colonized and we to face it.
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    Very interesting podcast thanks for posting
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    24 January 2018
    Unique oil spill in East China Sea frustrates scientists
    The lighter petroleum that spilled has never before been released in such massive quantities in the ocean.
    Cally Carswell

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