OFFICIAL 2016 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by kevind, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    We tried the hump Wed,Thurs had one decent one on,wind picked up by 10 or so both days had to leave.
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  2. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    Anyone else gonna be poking around thrasher for the ling opening Sunday? will put a few troll hours in too and report back. have a 4 night trip over to silva bay with the boys the following weekend so hoping theres fish trickling through already!
  3. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Well I hope to be out if the wind is down enough for the company I'm taking. Sure can't believe the Lack of Reports though, quite disappointing actually. We all work hard to try to play hard and should certainly be helping out others more often. If I'm out be it for spring ling or the spiders of the sea bottom. Will be sure to report. May go Hump, or Thrash Her or both ....... Good luck to those out. HT
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  4. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Im gonna try the hump tomorrow morning hopefully the wind holds out if not ill hit the bell buoy and the QA ,tight lines everyone!!
  5. max-p

    max-p Member

    Hit the Hump today from 9 am to 1 pm, almost a dozen of hits but all under size. nothing to bring home -:(
  6. Tinny

    Tinny Member

    Hello High Tide. The hump was my first choice today, but realized it was going to be too bumpy for my company so didn't even bother. Took the long route north of Bowen for a calm but very scenic ride to Tunstall. Fished for three hours hugging and bouncing bottom (spoons with smelly jelly) the whole time and and managed to land two keeper hatchery reds - one just under 10lbs, one just over. Thank you to the unknown mystery hatchery! Only 3 other boats there and saw one of them land a fish also. Overall, not a lot of action compared to 3-4 weeks ago but there's definitely a few laggards hanging around. Saw a couple very large bait balls on the sounder. For some reason lots of flotsam so had to bring up the gear every once in a while to remove seaweed from the flashers and spoons and dodge the odd log and piece of lumber. Hit our limit of crabs in English bay, but the prawn traps just north of snug cove were full of disappointment :(
  7. Gilligan22

    Gilligan22 New Member

    Started at QA at noon, lots of little ones. Trolled into the Bell and landed one just under legal at 95ft - released. Headed to HITW at 4:30pm, set rigger to 80ft and immediately hooked up; was a decent fish but he got off after a minute of hard fighting. Everything on anchovies. Only a couple small ones to end the day; saw one other boat landing a fish. Gonna try again tomorrow.
  8. Nasty017

    Nasty017 Member

    Picked up a mid teens white on chovy at HITW yesterday. About 15 minutes in, roughly 1:30?
    Saw a bait ball at 160, dropped from 99-170 and slapped in neutral, sure enough he took the bait.
    Great fight, fun fish, good eats.
    More thrilled on the fact it was on our new islander reel.
    Had 2 border lines we let go as well. Saw 1 other netted around 4-4:30.
    They're there.
  9. Eastmon

    Eastmon Active Member

    What's the trick to eluding these pesky undersizers? Must've had 10 on today at QA. No keepers.
  10. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    Took the kids for some lake fishing today.
    I'm feeling a Thrasher trip tomorrow. Anyone else out tomorrow?
    Garage 3 on the radio 88a
  11. Teejay

    Teejay Member

  12. Teejay

    Teejay Member

    yep we are headed out to thrasher monday 0 dark 30 for 2 nights will post how we make out when i get back
  13. bcboarder

    bcboarder Member

    Fished hitw today from 1130 - 230. Got about 5 small ones, one 2cm undersize. Got pretty slow after 130.

    Ended up with 100 prawns by passage island and 15 Dungeness near bellbuoy. Not bad for consolation prize.

    Beauty day out there. Was thinking about hitting the hump, but didnt. Any one have any hump luck?
  14. Whitebuck

    Whitebuck Well-Known Member

    Did ok off west van today. Landed couple of hatchery coho and 2 springs in almost 10hrs of trolling. Anchovies near bottom.
    Cod are major issue. Both springs were white and low teens
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  15. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Just pigged out on a terrific feed of Dungee from the Jerico area. Get out there and appreciate it before the commies start. Can't report any fish cause we didn't wet a line. Having been out on the water with a late start, Never seeing the McDonald ramp so loaded unless compared to a late August Sockeye opening, didn't bother fishing. Man are we in need of Decent Accessable Ramps around here ! Too many boats around to leave the traps unattended as I am tired of having them swiped or raided. Know of a few friends that got a few keepers early at Hump and Q A , lots of small fish and a few pacific cod for them as well. White hootchies, Kermits and Greenwhite glo spoons was their ticket. Good luck all. Hope the consistency pics up soon for everyone. HT
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  16. salmon slayer

    salmon slayer Member

    Today at the hump was flat and smooth. Lost a decent sized fish and managed a couple of releases of 2 smaller springs. Did not see any jumper coho's. Crabbing was good to us with a limit. Lots of pollock makinG us check the lines every 20 mins. There was also a deceased sea lion floating out there.
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  17. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Was also at the hump today got one keeper amd lost 2 nice ones the dam pcod drove is crazy today ! The Seal though was alive and the aquarium was called it seemed he had his left side fin wrapped up in something pretty shitty to watch he was almost the size of my boat!!
  18. Hi. Were the coho big, say about 7-10 pounds? I got out for the first trip of the season for two hours and hooked a real scrappy one. Really fought. Thought it was a spring at first, but then it jumped and spit out the hook, so I think it was a coho, but bigger than the usual hatchery ones. Released about 6 undersized as well. All of them caught at 25-45 feet between lighthouse park and horseshoe bay, which was not an area I usually fish, but not having much time, that's where I went.
  19. Percy Stipec

    Percy Stipec Member

    Well I almost made it out today. Got the boat in the water and headed out but my water cooling manifold started leaking water into the motor so had to pull the boat and go home and fix it. Saw John at the marina he had something to fix too. Hopefully be out there tomorrow. On another note something funny happened the other day I was off Soames beach jigging up some c&r flounders with a buddy while the traps soaked using a shimano lucanus jig. I hit something that felt like a dogfish brought it up and low and behold there's a 15-17lb springer on a lucanus! Well after that I had a 5 minute fight with it but unfortunately the hook placement sucked so it got off. Still though on a lucanus jig!
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  20. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

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