OFFICIAL 2015 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fishin_magician, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

    I've fished cap twice this season, what a gongshow... Some of the worst offenders are the guide boats. It's just not worth it for me, worse than trying to river fish the Vedder during salmon season.
  2. SprinterX

    SprinterX Member

    Was out at Sand Heads Friday and found some of the bigger boats were the worst offenders. We were in a little 18' along side two others heading north when this bozo comes across our bows putting all three of us in avoidance mode. He had the easiest opportunity to correct his course but was either oblivious or just a dickhead. I'm thinking the second.
    Managed a 14lb spring on a white hoochie at 73'.
  3. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Scott, what boat were you in? You guys weren't cleaning fish at Lions Gate Marina were you?
    We were in my hewescraft. No luck for us.

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  4. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Red Hewes? Boat looks good!!

    We were on the 31' Pursuit that had the orange Scotchman wedged in on the port side of the bow, Tangent IV.

    I think you guys were pulling up right around the same time we were, right by us? We ran back across to RVYC on Jericho.
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  5. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Saw the big blue cutter out there too. But I gotta confess - I let my buddy drive for a bit and he took us on one of those wrong-way tacks before I noticed what he was doing.

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  6. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Hahaha.....I think I did notice that as he was 'flying in formation' with Captain Cutter on a south/southwesterly tack at one point. :p

    I found Cloud Nine an appropriate name for Captain Cutter's boat. If he is there on Saturday I would love to just be there to watch. :rolleyes:

    Will be out tomorrow......may run around to the Fraser but if things stay the course down there with it being quiet....may brave the Cap again.

    Will be waiting for CohoOn's report (and any others) as he'll be out there today.
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  7. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was fussing around with the bbq and just assumed he knew what he was doing. Next thing I knew we were about 20' off that shelf near the piling, with 70' of line out! oh man.

    Don't think I'll get out till the weekend, but I'll probably head right to the Fraser in the hopes it's like last weekend.
  8. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Haha.....the BBQ smelled great! That's one of our usual plans too!!
  9. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Well a six hour working of the South end around the light ship produced some beauty Chums for us and the smoker. Released a huge Coho ....... Not much caught, 35 boats fishing, slim compared to the weekend.

    Darn ....... Missed out on the entertainment of the Cap gong show. Might have to return to have a few words with a few haha. Some think they own the joint.

    Good luck to all. HT
  10. happy hooker

    happy hooker Well-Known Member

    Any reports this morning? After slow day yesterday Im in the river for dinos today maybe back out to Sandheads tomorrow.

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  11. Here is a report from the Cap this morning. Fished from 7:20 to 10 am. No gong show at all. Only a few boats there and everyone was trolling properly and acting with respect of others. Boated a nice low twenties Spring caught on a purple haze flasher, with a chrome teaser in the first 20 minutes. Caught another around 9 am but Mr. Seal thought he needed it more than us. The front half of the fish was already in the net and the seal grabbed the back half and pulled the whole fish right out of the net. If the seal had grabbed the fish through the net, we would have lost the net too.
  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Nice work on the bigger fish! Were you fishing down in the mud? Chrome or a bit coloured up?

    We had a seal making a bee-line for our first last night and the 'fun of playing' the fish quickly ended and it was hauled in fast out of pure necessity! Thankfully we beat him to the boat!!

    I know CohoOn is out there.....I am sure he'll drop a report in later. :cool:
  13. CohoOn

    CohoOn Active Member

    Just got out of here flat calm 60 boats out here haven't seen any action in the last 20 minutes. Sand head.
  14. We were dragging the DR weights along the bottom for the first time as we wanted to learn how to do that. We had not tried it before, but it worked. The fish was bright and not dark. When we saw the seal chasing the other one under the water, we cranked the fish in fast like you did, but the seal swooped in as soon as the fish was in the net. That was another "first" for us.....losing one to a seal.
  15. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Lookie there!! No sooner mentioned and......"we've gone live to the fishing grounds!". :p
  16. I staeted at dawn stayed late at sandheads last night. A pod of orca showed up at dusk, some swimming past the light station. Nothing but 2 coho in the boat, decent size wild we released and a 6lb hatchery. Not a single bite from anything approaching a chinook
  17. Wow. We were so close to that happening.
  18. happy hooker

    happy hooker Well-Known Member

    Listening to the radio fishing up river, emergency off Pt.Grey. Boat on fire 2 people in water. Someone picked them up sounds like. Be safe, hope everyone is ok.

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  19. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Wow I was sure surprised by the number of boats at sand heads today. I was just passing by on the way back from the gulf islands today. It was the most beautiful day ever for crossing the strait. Last day for ling cod over there this season. Closed the season out with a nice 20 pound ling today and I'm pretty sure I lost a bigger one. Thinking of maybe hitting the cap tomorrow. I've got the feeling the fishing at the south arm probably wasn't that great today. Within . The all the boats down there I think a bunch of guys would have chimed in by now if it was great fishing. Unbelievable weather over in the gulf islands I was no shirt and sweating like hell playing fish and reeling up from 300 + feet today. Even got I sun burn. Didn't think that would even be possible this time of year.

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