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    Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Feb 7th, 2014

    Saltwater Fishing Report:

    It’s a chilly one! With highs of 0 and lows of –7 not too many anglers have been excited to brave the cold weather the last few days. We haven’t heard too many reports as most anglers are sitting this coldsnap out and waiting for warmer conditions. Eddie was out last weekend and did well prawning and crabbing but any keeper winter chinook were elusive off the shores of W. Vancouver. Eddie is back out this weekend and hopefully next week we will have some warmer weather and some more reports. We do have some bigger tides coming up as there is a full moon on February 14th.

    Often we have some good fishing leading up to thefull moon and it does look like it is going to get warmer and we are going to get some much needed rain (for all you winter steelheaders out there). I suspect we will have some good results for local winter chinook in the coming weeks. We just received a big shipment of the Pesca RSG and SPF spoons in 4.0 and the new smaller sizes, 3.5 and 2.5, which are perfect for this time of year.

    Pesca_3.jpg Pesca_Retail.jpg

    **More details on the NEW Pesca spoons inside the report.

    See you in the shop or out on the water

    Jason Tonelli
    Pacific Angler
  2. Monaro_man

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    hi everyone been awhile.. just getting back to van and sure looking forward to a week on the water. prawning and crabbing reports sounds good. Good luck out there people and hopefully the weather isnt to bad.
  3. fishin_magician

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    *posted per Scotty's request... Lol
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  4. Pippen

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    Andrew......shhhh!!! I was talking to J and don't have time to get over today. Please delete your post or I am gonna post your crabbing locations. Hahahahahahahahaha.
  5. fishin_magician

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    Posted Edited there Scotty Ol' Pal...I may just go back for Seconds....lol
  6. Springling

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    Was out today fishing the mouth of the cap. Got one keeper and one undersized right around high slack. Both hits were on a "no bananas" spoon with a glow purple onion flasher
  7. Reeltime

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    Fished westvan for awhile then hit the freighters , marked some bait here and there no luck today on the winters , did really well on crabbing . Fished with needle fish half the time ,hows the needle fishing around vancouver area anybody have any success on them , great on the west coast , just wondering . cheers
  8. Dogbreath

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    At times I've seen Needlefish schools so thick that Eagles were swooping down grabbing them in their talons right in English Bay just like you see in the Charlottes except there are no high rise buildings in view in QCI-other times not much action on them.

    I like light Green/Chartreuse w/ a glo stripe but Blue will work too and sometimes cutting the Needlefish hootchie down to Squirt size & leaving the Mylar or Silver foil skirt intact works well especially in April/May off south Bowen Island.
  9. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    I like light Green/Chartreuse w/ a glo stripe

    Wow reminds me of raking hearing that thick eh , I like the cutting down of the needle fish i will try that ,light Green/Chartreuse w/ a glo was exactly what i was using today. Not expecting you to answer but what length of leader would you use on a needle fish around vancouver area .
  10. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    30"-36" usually.
  11. Reeltime

    Reeltime Guest

    Thanks for your tips Dogbreath .
  12. tincan

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    Had a nice Family Day on the water yesterday. Quite chilly so we put in a rather short shift. Dragged a couple spoons around the cap / freighters but not a bite for us in the couple hrs we were there. Nice to get out nonetheless. crabbing was great and prawning was decent.
  13. Bait&Sea

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    Howesound served up a nice legal and few undersize yesterday. Fish were coming at 150' water with brass/silv spoon
  14. Urban Angler

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    Eddie Matthei:

    The recent cold snap have been keeping all but the die hard fishermen off the water. I was able to get out last Sunday with three repeat guests who paid me another visit all the way from Germany. We lucked out on the weather and even though it was frosty in the morning we had no wind, flat water and the sun was rising to warm us up.

    After we set prawn and crab traps we headed back to West Vancouver and began fishing at the QB marker and trolled towards the mouth of the Capilano River. There have been a few decent reports at the Capilano over the last week. 4″ Irish Cream spoons seem to be the favourite but the Green Glo, Homeland Security and Kingfisher spoons are also good choices. The sounder was showing bait and we even hooked a lunker herring to confirm the sounder was working properly. It was hooked on a new 3.5″ black and glo Rikker spoon I was testing.


    I checked in with one of the other boats and and he reported hooking two fish. One was undersized and the other was a legal fish. He was at the Capilano right at the tide change but had no further action since then. We had missed the bite so we waited for the next tide change. Unfortunately another bite did not come on at the next tide change and so we headed for the traps. We pulled up 150 large prawns and a crab for each of the guests. My guests were looking forward to a generous fresh West coast meal and I look forward to our next trip on their yearly business trip to Vancouver!


    View FULL Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report

    Tight Lines,

    Pacific Angler
  15. waddy29

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    that is a massive herring!!!
  16. dwflyrod

    dwflyrod Member

    what a great sign for the harbour lot of bait
  17. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    We were going to try and head out tomorrow but looking like gale warnings through the night and then building again tomorrow. Winter fishing requires food on the BBQ....and when you're combat fishing it makes the BBQ a challenge. :p
  18. wishiniwasfishin1

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    Combat fishing? Pretty sure you will be one of maybe 5 boats in the harbour...
  19. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Haha.......not like the Cap in August/September. When we're out off the WCVI and you're getting chucked around in sh*tty seas.....we call THAT "combat" fishing.

    With it supposed to blow like it is tonight/tomorrow it could be some mid-level 'combat. ;) Could cause the steak and sausages to roll/fall off the BBQ!!! :p :eek:

    I'd definitely go out but my buddies 10 yr old gets all upset in rough conditions.

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  20. fishin_magician

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    A few of those around year round. Lots of 5-8" inch around right now. Was out on a blast around the harbour yesterday and there are lots of birds around in the outer reaches of the harbour. Even an Eagle making a swoop or two...took a cruise through there and lots on the sounder too.

    I have spent many hours trolling all around, under, through and above those schools on previous years....fishing is very hit and miss.....however I do remember bringing back 3 low teens a few years ago now about this time...and one year hitting 4 in a short period when targeting those suspended bait schools...but most of the time in February...you have to be on structure....bottom or nada!

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