Notifications from unfollwed thread??

Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by Pippen, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member


    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I keep getting 'notifications' from a thread I am not following nor have ever posted in?

    The Campbell River Reports thread keeps giving me notifications every time it's updated. I have looked at my "followed threads" and it's not in there but I continue to receive updates?
  2. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    Its a sign that you need to book a trip up there!
  3. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    Hey @Pippen ...not sure why this would be happening. I will pass it along to Chris to take a look at. I was going to say the same thing about it being a subliminal message for you to go fish the CR area!
  4. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Haha....only fished there once and had to listen to a buddy puke over the side of the boat all FLAT calm waters. CR is a tarnished memory for me. :p

    @Island Fish Lifter can likely guess who the puker was. ;) ;)

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