not for profit vs profit ..outlooks and opinions

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by trophywife, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    discuss here. please no pissing. i am going to read for awhile before i comment.
  2. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Here is some sarcasm...I think we should split our team up and trade all the guides and lodge owners over to the commercial side. That would strengthen the rec fishers team and help them win in the future. Politicians never care about economics so it would be a good trade to make for the rec fishing team.
  3. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    It would sure help your Halibut season ! :)
  4. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Would splitting rec. and guides/lodges mean Canada would then give them free quota?
  5. GDW

    GDW Well-Known Member

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  6. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Geez, now someone is bringing religion into this! Lol
  7. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Growing dissension in the recreational ranks is not good.
    sporties vs guides is wrong, we should be on the same team.
    In actual fact many of the guides are the backbone of our rec fishery.
    Why ? because they are organized and vocal about our fishery.
    they attend many meetings and work long hours representing us
    which the average joe doesn't have the time or will to do.
    There is however a motive behind it, which is utilizing the fishery for profit.
    I believe this is what drives a wedge between us.
    Not sure how to fix it ?
  8. GDW

    GDW Well-Known Member

    I'm thankful to have guides on my side Craven said it well guides are organized and have motivation to stand up for our rights. We already have enough trouble fighting the commercial sector if the guides go over to that side the fight for the rec fisherman gets 20x harder.
  9. Hit em Hard

    Hit em Hard Member

    I can't agree more. I can definitely see the divide and conquer aspect in play. I personally am a sporty but I certainly have no problem identifying with the guiding sector as part of our user group.

  10. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    I wish you were right, craven but unfortunately there are only a few select ones that show a high level of dedication and involvement in the overall fishery politics. It is hard to comprehend for me "why" but most guides only care for their own business and only come out and shout and complain when the regs affect them but disappear very quickly again when there is a call for help on solutions and involvement. You would think guides better look out for the big picture and get proactively involved to protect the resource, the sport fishery and therefore the long-term viability of their business but they seem more concerned with day to day issues of their own little world.

    Now having learnt and said this, there is at least the same percentage of complacent and ignorant people among the non-guide rec fishers that never bother to lend a hand in any critical initiative. But with them I have more understanding as not all 300,000 anglers in BC are overly passionate about fish and fishing but see it rather as a nice-to-have leisure time amusement for a couple of times a year and could really live easily without it if it was shut down. There are only a few hard core obsessed anglers who are willing to fight to keep it alive because fishing is their life. But I had thought at one time that guides had a greater motive and incentive to get involved but found out that this isn't so with many. Sadly enough.

    But to make this very clear again: there are some guides that are at the forefront of the good fight and sacrifice a lot of their time and some of them are brilliant at it and without their involvement the rec fishing sector would be miles away from where it is today.
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  11. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

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  12. Samnjoe

    Samnjoe Active Member

    I agree we cannot let petty differences split the sporties from the guides and lodges.
    We are all on the same side and must remain that way.
    To have a split on this would only reduce whatever clout we have with this government.
    Guides and lodges do profit from this but they are also promoting the love of the sport to people who are not boat owners.
    Remember that these people are also voters and we need them on our side.
  13. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    Very good posts in this thread. Some of them I agree with completely and have posted similar comments in other threads past.
  14. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    Here you go CL.

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  15. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Thank you!!! I just hope the message resonates.
  16. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    I really can't believe that this axe still needs to be ground! Some people NEVER learn!! I just shake my head.
  17. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    i apologize osama, i guess i was tired of the smearing of other threads and wanted some open opinions. pass the bacon then.
  18. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Yah. Guide bashing is fun. Come on Lorne gimme a hug.
  19. SophiaB

    SophiaB Banned

    I have no problem with guides. My problem has always been with people with no integrity. Some happen to be guides :)
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  20. firelight

    firelight Active Member

    Is it as simple as - If you need a recreational license to fish you are a recreational fisherperson and on the same team, some of these are guides.

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