Northern B.C. First Nations call for reversal of grizzly bear hunting ban

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    Growing grizzly populations have led to fewer ungulates and increased fear of attacks says Chad Day

    Chad Day is the president of the Tahltan Central Government which serves as the administrative governing body of the remote Tahltan Nation.

    He said it is important for people to understand that not all areas of the province have conservation concerns about grizzlies, which can kill up to 40 ungulate calves each month, according to studies in Alaska and other parts of the United States.

    “They are the apex predators in our country,” Day said. “They are extremely dangerous to not just other wildlife but to people and the conservation efforts of other (prey) species that we hold dear as Canadians, British Columbians and Indigenous people.”

    “We just want to make sure that we make balanced decisions that are based in science and Indigenous knowledge rather than based in emotions from whatever the most popular opinion is in B.C. because we know that the average British Columbian doesn’t live amongst grizzly bears and understand those apex predators like we do.”
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    Buck lives matter.
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    I am happy to see any push to bring back Grizzly bear hunt.
    As long as its not race based.
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    Can they also extend this to seals and sea lions as well? Please....
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    Well, in this case it may be a little more accurate to surmise that Bucks (as in dollars) Matter...

    On one hand the Tahltan publicly tell everyone Stay Off Our Land!!

    On the other this step basically demanding the Grizzly hunt return.

    Go figure that the Day family and a couple of their buddies have outfitting concessions in the area that would greatly benefit were they allowed to offer Grizzly Hunts. There is some possibility that they may simply circumvent provincial law, and offer the hunts irregardless. If they do so, that represents the largest step to date towards assuming care and control of wildlife resources within BC......

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    Shitty but the truth bell is ringing.

    And the First Nation lies continue.
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