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    Thanks for the update

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    We'll be in Tel Cove from July 1 to 5. We'll be the 21 ft Double Eagle w/ a Hard Top. (Hopefully the one spring-loaded:)) Which boat is yours?
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  3. Beacon

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    17 ft. Whaler centre console
  4. SpringFever552

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    Fished outta Telegraph last Saturday and Sunday.
    We hit one 18lb spring (weighed in at the dock) on Saturday afternoon at Craycroft..didnt even get the second rigger in the water.
    Thought to our selves wow this is going to be good lol
    Nothing after that for 2 days!
    Fished Flower Is./Lizard pt/ Donagle/Malcolm pt..basically whole back side of Malcom island. Boats were all spread out..saw one boat land a 1 nice spring at Donagle but that was it..
    Water was glass like conditions.
    Whales and porpoises abound..
    Pics is spring at Craycroft
  5. papalorge

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    If anyone is interested theres a unadvertised telegraph cove fishing derby the sunday of the August long weekend. $10 entry fee. Largest salmon and halibut also hidden weight prizes. buy your ticket at telegraph cove.
  6. Goathorns

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    We left Port Hardy yesterday morning, and fished Halibut at Deer Island and the airport. We got 1 each, 5 & 10 KGS. It did not take a long time. 6" grubs the ticket. Nice weather.
  7. bolts15

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    I will be at Telegraph July 28-Aug 02 in a Campion Explorer 552 grey top. Last year at this time was great fishing...I hope for a repeat this year. I did some prawning in Beaver cove last year, but we ended up losing a trap. Does anyone know what times are better to leave traps in Beaver? I'm not sure if the tide took it or whether it got lost in the log booms with all the activity. Any updates on the fishing around this area would be appreciated.
  8. We fished the northside of malcolm island this weekend. On Friday morning we lost one and got one about 16 lbs. Saturday we released one just under sized, lost one at the boat and then got two both about 15 lbs. On Sunday in an hour and a half we missed two good hits and then got a 17lber. We only fished a few hours each morning and didn't get out until about 7am so I imagine if you were out a bit earlier and put in more time there were many more fish to be had.
  9. Califbill

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    We are at Alder Bay. First day yesterday, third back side Malcom. Winds blew us off the water. First dayswe fished. Forecast says gale force winds today. Not that high yet, but some winds. Day before, there were some nice springs from backside Malcom brought in and some small Hali.
  10. BigHog

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    Going to be in Pt McNeil early August for a couple of days and have only fished there once - back side of Malcom with limited success - tons of Pinks. I would assume early Aug could be quite good there? Not looking for Hali just Salmon fishing with a few buds. Any other decent areas we could try while we are there?
  11. Samnjoe

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    Back side Malcolm between Lizard and Donegal in 80 to 100 feet of water, one on the bottom and one at 50'
    Black Bluff (further north on the back side of Malcolm)
    Craycroft point on the afternoon flood
    Mitchel Bay if its windy in front of the big red barn
    In front of Double bay
    For halis Georges bank southeast end 280' to 300' on the turn of the current
  12. Deewar25

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    samnjoe got it laid out well - good chance for halibut bycatch on that lizard to donegal trek on the bottom as well. First week of August can definitely be lights out there for springs. Black bluffs you can't go wrong for sure - get in tight to the kelp bed just on the east side of the bluff (first light 30 and 50' in 70-100 of water). We have caught some nice ones in there. Can also be good against the kelp along Mitchell Bay as well. Keep an eye out for the lodge boats - they are out there every day, so if you see 2 or more of the fleet, its probably been holding fish.
  13. Prairie Buoy

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    Speaking of pinks… anyone having any pink luck on the river mouths?.. say the Eve river… is in the tide line so probably this is the right thread!!
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    I'm not sure there will ever be a "RIGHT" thread for North Island Pinks!!! lol
  15. JuBy

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    I used to work at said lodge on malcolm island with sam n joe's son I beleive! The go to spot in the morning was called the "slide" which is half way between lizard and donegal. Look for a slide or missing patch of trees I always did my first couple of first light passes in 50 to 60 feet of water with lines at 30 and 50 and then worked my way out to 80-100. Chartreuse glow hoochies, and chovies in glow green, bloody nose seemed to work well since a lot of the water up there is glaciated from the mainland inlets. As for halibut george bank is good, we also fished another one out there that looked like a peanut. Good luck and tight lines.

  16. Prairie Buoy

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    Hey Big Hog… doesn't sound that you have ever flipped a fly for pinks.. Try it on one of the river flood tide zones.. guaranteed to be a blast!! If you can't toss a fly even gear fishermen can have a time..
  17. BigHog

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    No I haven't tried fly fishing for Pinks - probably a blast. I have tried my bait caster a few times and buzz bombing on light tackle - fun for sure.
  18. BigHog

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    Any new reports for Telegraph to Hardy? Heading up soon.
  19. huntinnut

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    Just got back from 10 days in Hardy. In general fishing was good. There were salmon around most places. We had a couple great early morning bites at Duval on 10th and 11th though the fish were mostly in the 9-14lb range with a 19 and a 22 in the mix. On the 11th my Dad couldn't get his rod back in the holder for an hour and a half without having another spring on. It seemed to slow down a bit right around hardy the last couple days we were there, though places a little farther away were fairly steady. The big winds came up on thursday afternoon/ friday and we packed it up and started heading back. Green splatterback hootchie on a gold betsy worked awesome at Duval, but anchovies were best at Castle in either green or purple combinations. We heard places farther from Hardy were fishing well too. Bottom fishing was so so for us.
  20. Brew

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    Spent 6 days on Sointula (Malcolm Island) and the fishing was good. Found too many humps at Bere Pt. Couldn't keep them off even at 120'. Spent the rest of the trip at Donegal Head, Mitchell Bay and even gave it a rub at Barnett Passage. All produced very well with a better mix of Coho and Spring. early in the morning found the fish tighter in at about 40' down. Later on had best luck at 60' on the rigger (80' - 100' of water). Found more Springs took the anchovy with a green bleeding nose head and a double glow green stripped spoon caught more Coho.

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