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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by papalorge, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. papalorge

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    Im kinda new to the forum and thought the north island should get a reports section. I'll be heading to alder bay for 2 weeks in late july to early august, has anyone been up that way recently? Also wondering if there's a fuel dock closer than telegraph cove? maybe over on in alert bay? If anyones up there when I am maybe we could hook up as my wife and baby wont be going out to much.
  2. Beacon

    Beacon Member

    Heading to telegraph cove june 27 to july 3 with the men then return with the wife july 30 till aug.4. 17 ft center console whaler. Last year the bite was good both trips.

  3. papalorge

    papalorge Member

    Ill be in a 17' calglass with 60hp merc and Blue bimini top
  4. Nice, I will be up the June 27 weekend as well in a 17' k+c thermoglass. I have heard some fishy sounding rumours and will try to get some better reports soon.
  5. bigbruce

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    There wasn't fuel at Alert Bay last year - Port McNeill is the only other alternative to Telegraph unless you want to buy Marine gas at the Petrocan at Hyde Park and hump jerry cans down to your boat. That's what I've been doing up there for the past several years and it has worked just fine.
    If you can get to Princess Auto, pick up a "jiggler". Makes syphoning fuel from the jerry can to your boat a breeze.
  6. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

  7. To fill jerry cans there is a gas station beside the ferry dock in Sointula. They took away the public dock though so you would have to pull up on the gravel beach.....
  8. papalorge

    papalorge Member

    Ya thats what I usually do too (just carry them down) but its a real hassle going to the gas station every couple days, not to mention theyre heavy. Anyone have much success for lings or springs up there? Ive done well for hali and cohos If anybody wants to trade spots you can pm me.
  9. tidal shot

    tidal shot Active Member

    we will be there on the june 27th-july 6 as well, campion explorer 552 blue top. Hope its a good season, i love that area!
  10. Sandybar

    Sandybar New Member

    I will be at Telegraph Cove July 18th - July 25th. Will be in a 26 foot River Wild.
  11. At Telegraph Cove Aug 14-22 this year, first trip there with the Albemarle.
    Will visit Echo Bay for the Pig Roast on Aug 15!
    Such a spectacular area.

    Closest fuel by water to Alder Bay is Telegraph Cove.
    Marine gas also avail at Port McNeill and Echo Bay.
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  12. Beacon

    Beacon Member

    Be in Telegraph Cove Saturday June 27- July 3 any new reports

  13. Goathorns

    Goathorns Active Member

    Arrived today via Blackfish sound. Cruised along Crease island, saw some bait, 3 boats, no action so traveled towards Donaghy point, where 12 boats worked, so trolled and got a 9 lber. 120' on a green/white 4" spoon. No bait showing. Stomach contained a large bait fish with dark red meat. No skin, no head, unknown.
  14. dougthefisher

    dougthefisher Member

    sounds like it was hot at duvall yesterday. if you are going to be in Mcneil on the 27th I think you may be in luck.
  15. Scavenger

    Scavenger Member

    What type of salmon are going through the area right now? Is it getting thick with pinks yet?
  16. dougthefisher

    dougthefisher Member

    Columbia springs I believe, but I talked to someone today who got notta. no pinks.
  17. fishmate

    fishmate Member

    Fished out of Tel Cove 4 full days, (June 19 to 22). Mostly the backside of Malcolm. Landed two middling springs and one nice coho, in almost 40 hrs. on the water. Also got 4 halibut, (two were incident and two while jigging). All under 25 lbs, but still, very nice. All in all, pretty quiet for salmon, but the halibut was a welcome delight. Weather was fine-almost too perfect. The 'fish gods' giveth good weather, but maybe they taketh good fishing??
  18. fishmate

    fishmate Member

    Where is "duvall" from Tel Cove?
  19. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    A long boat drive to Port Hardy ! Its just outside Port Hardy Bay
  20. CanuckCTD

    CanuckCTD Member

    It's just outside of Port Hardy.

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