Nootka Sound 2014 Fishing Reports

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pescador, May 9, 2014.

  1. codfather

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    Yes I see it's still 2013 fish on the board. I'll get that set up.
  2. Klob

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    Amazing to see how many fish come out of that resort every year.
  3. Fish on John

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    Great report Spring Fever. Looking forward to see you & your better half on your July trip.
  4. Fish on John

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    Nootka/Esperanza Update
    Fish Ferrer Pt. Friday and Saturday June 27 & 28. Weather was wet running out but once we were beyond Centre Is. ( yes it is spelled correctly check your chart) the rain backed off both days. Our fishing party was composed of our daughter, son in law and 4 grandchildren AND of course Grandpa (ME). What a Great present (their visit) for my Birthday.
    Fishing Friday was red hot lots of Chinook & even more Coho. Grandpa had to be extremely patient as the family only fishes once a year. 16 bonified salmon hookups 7 of which were confirmed Springs. Boated Friday 1 Springs 3 Coho. Saturday water lots choppier
    6 Strikes 6 fish - 3 springs 18 - 22lb the largest Coho was 11lbs the other 2 much smaller. The crew learned very QUICKLY how to play those fish!!!
    Gear- flasher- with anchovy on one side the other side used Coho killer. As usual bait won the Day.
    Looks like weather is going to finally settle down this week & allow for more comfortable catching. Fish On John
  5. King_Cod

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    Anyone going to be in the area from the 6-11th?
  6. Fish on John

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    King_Cod Yes What is your Question? We have boats going out every day.
  7. King_Cod

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    Looking to go offshore. Looking for another crew to head out with is all.
  8. Fish on John

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    King_Cod Lots of boat leaving the marina daily between 6-7 am. On days like today 75% are headed offshore. They are usually headed for the highway at the pins or the "T". About 11 miles out. Some are after Hali, Some Springs, Some Both. For the next 8 weeks both will be in good number out their.
    If you would like to fish the Esperanza side - come up from Nootka early and we can hook you up with one of regular customers.
    Always good to have at least a couple of boat together when going outside,as you know.
    Lots of 18-28 lb Springs came in yesterday from the Highway.
    Let me know - like to meet you - I'll buy the coffee!!!
  9. bones

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    Just got back 9 springs 15-18lbs. Ferrer for 6. Lighthouse for 3. Weather was great Sunday, not so great Saturday afternoon, swells got fairly large
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  10. saanauk

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    I will be up there from the 4th thru the 8th. 24 ft Seasport
  11. SeaSport

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    Checking to see if anybody has heard of when the maps for area 125/25 might get updated on the fisheries site. With the rule changes this year, it would be nice to see the new maps showing additional open areas.
  12. Island Fish Lifter

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    ill be there 4th to 8th as well. Forecast does not look like possible southeasters. Hope it changes:(
  13. pescador

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    I was just going to ask the same question about maps for area 25/125. Where are they? We're getting into prime time. Am I missing a link on the DFO site? I just don't see the usual detailed maps that show all the different sub areas.
  14. Fish on John

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    The charts for 25/125 are now on the DFO site for Chinook-- if you can not find them email me direct & I will send them to you. You will like the new Regulations/Charts
  15. cabazon

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    Could you drop a link to the Chinook maps here as I'm sure many like me have been searching with no success.
  16. spring fever

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    John I have been rumbling around the DFO site for 1/2 hr looking for the colored maps on Chinook and coho. They have disappeared!! Can't find where the over 77cm and under for Chinook are. Do you have the correct link-all I have ever used is the general info site and notices site but can't find them. Thanks
  17. Fish on John

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    Sorry Guys--AS you may not know I'm not much of a computer guy.
    I got the maps hard copy from our Creel Surveyor. Cathy my wife scanned them for me so they can be emailed out.
    We will try to figure out how to put them on the forum. Sorry about my lack of computing skills.
  18. directmule

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    I was wondering how you got this advanced info for this area for a week now, now I know.
  19. Coachman

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    Thanks John. I'll try and get them converted and up tonight unless someone else gets them up

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  20. How long is the run from Cougar Creek to Ferrier Point.... Thinking of trying some new areas this year. Thanks


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