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  1. Fish on John

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    Yesterday on the afternoon flood tide the prime outside points lite up . Ferrer Pt. & Grassy Island on the Esperanza Inlet side & Bajo Reef 0n Nootka side. All produced limits for those who fished there of 20-28 lb springs. Looks like the BIG run has arrived.
  2. Fish on John

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    It happened again today. Nice Fathers Day Gift!! Looks like we have a trend. A VERY GOOD TREND!!
  3. Travo

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    Nice fish man , so once the springs start hitting Nootka do they come hard until August ?
  4. fishbite

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    Headed up the first week of July. I am so excited, insomnia is crippling me!
  5. Fish on John

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    YES Hold on this run of Chinooks is Huge!!
  6. Fish on John

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    Going to give Bajo Reef & Beano Creek a rub tomorrow. Will report results with pictures
  7. pescador

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    Fish on, would be helpful to know bait used / depths if you're inclined. Tx
  8. Fish on John

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    Had an Awesome fishing day today with two of our new Marina employees. Did not leave the dock until 8:30am, went out to fish the 11:30 tide change at Beano Creek. As soon as we put the lines down we doubled up on ling cod trolling. Hooked 12 Kept 5. Then the Chinook started an all-out assault on our anchovies, Best trolling depth 33ft, it was fast & fun for 2 more hrs. 12 Springs solidly hooked 6 in the box 10-22lbs. Pulled the plug after only 3hr total with lines in the water. Great Day!! Flashes off rigger ball was 4 for 4, Flasher on line went 2 for 8 on Chinook. Both lines had anchovies. Seems to be a message here??? What do you think?

  9. Dan The Man

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    Beautiful fish!!! This is getting me pumped up!
  10. codfather

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    That's a great day of fishing John, I wish I could be there now. Do you go down the inside or outside?
  11. pescador

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    Cod father. When u headed to Critter this year?
  12. codfather

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    I'm heading up July 2nd for the summer. It looks like a great summer coming our way.

    See you there.
  13. Fish on John

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    We usually go down the inside calm waters & lots to see- Bears on the beach, sea otters etc.
    That is the beauty of fishing out of Tahsis if the wind is blowing down island we good down to the Nootka area. If it is blowing up island we head out Esperanza to Ferrer Pt. or other hot spots. See you on the water.
  14. Fish on John

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    Esperanza Inlet & Nootka Sound Area Report

    All GOOD NEWS!!! By now most of you have heard how GOOD the fishing is and from this point on it will just keep getting better and better.
    If you have not heard the returns of Chinook, Coho & Sockeye Salmon are returning in record numbers to our Esperanza and Nootka waters.
    If you have had any difficulty in the past catching Salmon this is your year to fill the freezer and have lots of salmon grilling on your barbeque.
    How is that possible? For many years volunteer organizations have been working with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans(DFO) to enhance salmon stocks in our local waters. Organizations such as Nootka Sound Water Shed Society, Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society and others have been working tirelessly on stream and river rehabilitation, several local volunteer hatcheries, environmental issues related to salmon enhancement and fund raising to assist our local federal hatchery on the Conuma River to raise more salmon each year. The net result of all of these efforts has materialized into the largest runs of returning Salmon in over 50 years.
    It goes well beyond the sheer volume of salmon which are returning to Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound. You will be catching more salmon because DFO has also been working with local volunteers from the Sport Fish Advisory Committee and Harvest Round Table Committee to loosen up the regulations to gain better access to the enhanced salmon stocks while at the same time protecting the none enhanced stocks.
    • In the past couple of seasons after July 15 in Esperanza Inlet retention of Chinook was Two per day under 77cm.
    This season it will be Two Chinook per day, one over 77cm and one under 77cm from July 15 – Oct 15
    The area open for 1 over/1 under will start at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet at the surfline and extend all the way into Hecate Inlet to the boundary of Tahsis Inlet at Mozino Pt.
    • Approximately half of Hisnit Inlet (southeast portion) Located off Tlupana Inlet will be open to fishing. It has been previously closed.
    • Kendrick Inlet, located on the west side of Strange Island, will be reopen to fishing this year.
    • A portion of Hanna Channel will be opened to the east of last year’s boundary. East of Camel Rock over to Concepcion Pt.
    • Zuciarte Channel will be reopened to fishing from the seaward south to the northern boundary at Anderson Pt.
    • A larger part of Nesook Bay will be opened at the head of Tlupana Inlet

    Before fishing check out the details on the DFO website
    It may A few days before this on the website as this was all just recently approved.
    This seasons Salmon fishing will the Best Ever in Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound. Add to that the projections of a significant portion of the Chinook are expected to be 4 and 5 year olds which means LOTS of TYEES (over 30lb) this year.
    45.5lb & 32lb Chinook were on the Cleaning tables last Saturday June 21
    So get out there and experience Salmon Fish/ Catching as you Dreamt it to be!!

    Fish on John
  15. Fish on John

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    The Coho have arrived in big numbers at the mouth of both Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound. In Esperanza they can be found from outer Black Rk. all the way in to Rosa Harbour & at Ferrer Pt. Down in Nootka Sound you will find them from the Lighthouse out to Bajo Reef and over to Burwood. All those Places in Esperanza & Nootka are also holding Springs 15-25lbs. Lots of bait around that should Keep the fish around.

    With the new Coho regs. which come into effect this Saturday/ June 28-- 4 Coho per day wild or hatchery retention & 8 possession for WCVI Inshore (inside the surfline) this is a real BONUS for the long weekend.
    This particular change is for Area 25 Nootka/Esperanza. See post/thread on saltwater forum for all new Coho reg changes for the South Coast region. It is under "NEW Coho regulation change YOU WILL LIKE"

    Coho are the best B-Q salmon there is in my book. Break out the Coho Killers Have a GREAT Fishy long Weekend!!!!
  16. spring fever

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    This should have been a Winter hbr report but the weather was changing fast so Nootka it was. Fished canal and Strange for 11/2 hrs -nothing other than shakers-some bait. Monument was holding fish but the weather was really nasty wed night but we managed some decent fish close and very tight to the monument rocks-33 to 44 ft depending on the tide. Thurs morning-windy choppy made it to Beano creek by 430 Am-us and 7 guide boats-obviously expecting big things-we drew first blood on a jughead splatterback hootchy stuffed with anchovy at 33 ft. Quite a few smaller fish 6 to 8lbs but my oh my the salad was something to behold. Fished through the tide change-released a few in the 10-12lb range- mostly on chovy's. The big push at Beano seems over from last week-even the guides moved out. I pushed out to Bajo through threatening skies and a wind that was picking up fast and a very nasty SE swell-made it-got the gear down-lost a 10lber by the boat and realized this was insanity-back to Beano-unfishable now. Slow beat over to the Escalante shore-a very nasty and dangerous place to fish if you've never done it. Good bait, good action, exciting, very wet and nasty. We had some good ones to 22 and lost a lot due to weather conditions. Fished the evening in almost impossible conditions at the monument-we did ok-nothing over 20 but saw 2 boated that could have done 30. This morning -reasonable at the monument til 7 when the outgoing tide set into the SE swell and 20 knot wind. Lots of bait and good fish both in tight and into the deeper water-again 33 to 44 ft very close to the rocks but 80 ft was the ticket when farther off-shore. Got really dangerous about 8 this morning and we headed for Burwood. Pleasant surprise-fairly flat for an hour or so before the insanity blew in on us again. Lots of 7 inch herring and some decent fish-49 ft close to shore-80 if you stood out a bit-lots of bait showing. Summing up lots of needlefish at the monument, Herring at Burwood and Escalante. Not much inside yet but any day at Canal and Strange. If I had an Off-shore day I might hit Beano for a couple of passes and if nothing head to Bajo. Anchovy,3.5 cop car, Jughead with green splatterback hootchy stuffed with anchovy-(see jughead new) and an x-tra large jughead with a pearl glow wench hoochy stuffed with anchovy(thanks Tortuga) Sorry the picture is not pretty -just finished a 2 week chemical face peel for skin cancer.

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  17. pescador

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    Nice report Spring F. Sounds like weather was not that great. Those fish in the pic look real fresh. Were those off shore?
  18. spring fever

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    Those fish were from Burdwood or the Escalante shore ,nothing past the corner of the monument except some coho which we carefully released. The weather was atrocious and then some-for thurs. and Friday. First time that Swell watch got it wrong in 10 years of using it!!
  19. codfather

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    Great report spring fever. It looks like the wind is going to die down Sunday with a short swell.

    I'll be heading up July 2nd for the summer if you need anything?
  20. Coachman

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    Hey Mike. When you get there, tell Cameron to uodate his website.

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