No room for Realism, by Bob Hooton

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by OldBlackDog, May 2, 2020.

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    The backroom deals that are being made without public input or scrutiny will not aid in "reconciliation" of past injustices . Rather they will just further provide fodder for an increase in racism in our country. And part of the collateral damage is our fish and game.
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    It all makes rather sad reading.
    As far as reconciliation is concerned,that word has been flogged to death.
    They seem to forget that reconciliation is a two way street and not some kind of ace card that they can bring out in order to further their goals when it suits them.
    From the damage and blatant disregard that a lot of these guys do on the water I for one do not want to be reconciled with them.
    Any respect that they want has flown a long time ago and they only have themselves along with weak pandering government policies to blame.
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    I do like That he throws shit in all three corners. Not equally but still hits us all.
    this government has made a complete disaster of everything it touches. Reconciliation.....undrip......... both the feds and province signed on without a clue what the consequences were. Or they did have a clue but didn’t give a rats ass about the rest of us... Maybe a bit of both. Either way this entire mess makes me want to puke.

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