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    (pin drop)


    Hopefully someone shoots ya a PM ;)

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    OK,SO WHATS A PM ?///
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    take off your caps - its like shouting on the internet haha
    pm = personal message
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    just buy a backroads map book if you need to know how to get there and the preferred method of fishing that river is snagging. I know many guys that have gone out looking for a semi-wilderness fishing experience and come back disgusted by what goes on and swear never to go back. [xx(] - a new Fishing forum
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    If there is some water in the river and the fish are still silver then fair hooked fish are a blast. But like the guys said above, you will be disgusted with even being a part of that gongshow.
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    Look for the giant black ball and start pumpin;) Right Luna:D

    Pass the Pack
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    Confirm highlights. IF you time it absolutly perfect(rare) you can hit em on Colorados and B/Foxes but it only takes a day or 2 for them to stop biting and turn into tar babies.Then it turns into a green whool show, right bags,N.N.B.Har%#$%. 10 - 15 years ago you could have a piece of river to yourself, just you and the bears, now there is 15 trucks at every spot, no b.s.
    This is one fishery that I have zero ambition to fish again and have for a while. Chew me out if you want but I would love to see no spring fishing in the nitty. Just my 2 cents.
    Bags, I think you, me and spooled have a date in sooke next week!!!Confirm?
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    Shut 'er down!
    Or make it non retention and that will get rid of the unwanted.

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    thanks guys I get the message.....
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    You guys should see the vedder/chilliwack system in the fall with all the bottom bouncers fishing like they do on the fraser/flossing the smaller river system[xx(] I visited the nitinat one winter for steelies but the river was blown out, I never really got to test it, nice country though.
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    flossing would be refreshing on this river, at least it has the illusion of sport fishing.

    at least 50% of the guys on the nitinat are just straight out ripping hooks into rotten old boots. - a new Fishing forum
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    Yhup, buzz bombs being ripped through the pools is too much for me to handle.
  16. Total losers. Its amazing to me that people that dumb can even find their way to the river. The stamp is getting just as bad now. Found a tandem 5o treble with barbs in the upper the other day.
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    Buddy of mine was camping at Red Rock pool a few years ago and was woken up twice buy guys jigging the pool in the middle of the night with stingseldas
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    The rains are coming!! Sound the gong!!:D

    Pass the Pack
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    What about this fantasy scenerio.....
    DFO actually has more enforcment staff and hands out serious concequences to snaggers. Eventually most of them go away as the risk isn't worth it. Bait is allowed on the river so anglers can actually get fish to bite. Flossing & snagging is no longer the "only way" to catch fish.
    Hmmmmm, if only DFO & MOE could see it my way...LOL

    Closing fisheries because anglers snag is the easy way out. DFO and MOE love this. It makes their jobs easier and they don't have to spend as much of thier measly budgets on enforcement. Also, it's important to remember that every Canadian has the right to catch salmon, not just those of us who can afford a boat or charter. As long as there is enough surplus to allow harvest, terminal fisheries are a good thing. Hatchery rivers that have surplus stocks should be utilised. If a guy is happy packing home a black chinook or a purple tiger chum, have at er'.
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    Unless you are first nations, you dont' have a right to fish. But, I'm all for more enforcement. If the price of our licenses was even in the hunreds, if it guaranteed more enforcement out there, I'd be all for it. No where else in the world can you pay less then 40 dollars for a license and catch some sort of fish for a whole year, anywhere.

    Besides, where do you get Stingzeldas these days? I haven't seen one for years, but there are many metal jigs out there.

    On the other hand, once the fish have hit the rivers, and made it, maybe we should leave them alone? I'm for shutting them all down for salmon fishing, if the fish run the guantlet that's thrown at them in the ocean, leave them be. First Nations, Sporties, Commercial can all go fight for them on the sea.

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