NHL/Canucks Thread 08/09

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by SerengetiGuide, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    Well...awesome game last night...watched it at my campus bar. Flames fan was there...told him he should be embarassed..which I'm sure he was! 6-0! Who said we can't score? :D:D GREAT GAME!

  2. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Great game......think its going to be a rough one on Sat.

  3. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Keenan is going to start sitting Bertuzzi big time, you either work or sit with Keenan and Bert is lazy/useless.

  4. Neener

    Neener Guest

    Yeah, a lot of people talking about where did this team come from!!? Good to see some guys getting back into it. Will be rough tomorrow - waitin for someone/anyone to lay a whippin on Phaneuf..!! Go nucks!
  5. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    I jumped back on the Canuck band wagon after that game last night!....lmao
  6. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Ca┬Ěnuck (k#601;-n#365;k') Pronunciation Key
    n. Often Offensive Slang
    A Canadian, especially a French Canadian.

    was just wondering what the meaning of canuck was....lol
  7. GO HABS GO!!!!

    Take only what you need.
  8. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Mtl-Buf game was pretty good last night, Carey Price can take them a long way if hes on his game.

  9. Habs thrashed the leafs tonight..


    Take only what you need.
  10. nitnat_junkie

    nitnat_junkie Active Member

    pretty funny watching Iginla knock out Mitchell, should have known better ;) good game though
  11. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Nucks will beat up on wash 2nite........
  12. Nucks lost Habs won, good game against Philly scored 4 goals in the third for a come back win!


    Take only what you need.
  13. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Nuck game was awful............
  14. HABS and Bruins tonight at 4:30 on TSN.. Should be a good game Laroque is in the lineup for the habs, let the rotwieler out of his cage. He's the best fighter in the league so perhaps this might open up a little more room for Kovalev!!


    Take only what you need.
  15. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Is there a double header on TSN?
  16. Yes, oilers playing now, Habs won, but only showed up for the 1st period. 3-0 after 1 then Boston faught back and got a lucky bounce to tie it up with 40 seconds left. Refs where blind to Boston and called 3 two man advantages. Tangay scored the winner in OT.


    Take only what you need.
  17. twinwinds

    twinwinds Active Member

    Nucks and Det 2nite!
  18. Karma-Kazi

    Karma-Kazi Active Member

    Amazing Game.... Looks like the third line will be taking over for the 2nd and 1st. I dont care aslong as we win :>
  19. mr killer

    mr killer Active Member

    Who do you guys find more annoying Habs Flames or Leafs fans, they're all equal in my books[xx(]
  20. I would say Habs fans must be most annoying, because you can't deny they are the most successful professonal sports team in North America. They have won the Cup 1/4 of the times they have been in the league. Toronto fans have NOTHING to brag about. If you add up the 2nd and 3rd most winning teams, Toronto (13) Detroit (10). If you combine Toronto cup wins and Detroit cup wins, Montreal still has more cups than both combined!!


    Take only what you need.

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