Next Victoria and Area SFAB Committee Mtg - Wednesday Nov 22nd

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    The post season Victoria and Area Sport Fishing Advisory Board committee meeting will be held on Wednesday November 22nd at 7:30 p.m. in the Esquimalt Anglers Clubhouse, 1101 Munro Street, Victoria (at the foot of Lampson Street in Esquimalt) - Mtg open to the public - parking is free

    IMPORTANT AGENDA ITEM: Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) Recovery and how it might impact your Chinook fishery. Federal government serious considering immediate actions including fisheries restrictions and time and area closures in the core SRKW habitat.

    All are welcome to attend
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  2. OldBlackDog

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    So, how many showed up?
    Anything good?
  3. Kildonan

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    It's not until next Wednesday. I hope we get a good turnout.
  4. Kildonan

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    Bump to the top. Meeting tonight, I hope for a good turnout.
  5. OldBlackDog

    OldBlackDog Well-Known Member

    So, how did it go?
  6. SpringVelocity

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    This area is in trouble as with most others across the coast, and must fight for survival to keep fishing open with the whale issue and wild salmon policy. I don't know what will happen but people really need to get off these forums and start joining some groups, and get involved. This isn't like anything I have personally seen in over 30 years of fishing. Its frightening to be honest. It was a good meeting, but there were many concerned people in the room. There is so much to lose socially and economically from a shut down fishery. One great thing is that it was one of larger crowds I have seen in a long time.

    It still amazes me though with all the engagement on forum people seem to think we can solve issues on here, and just don't show up. I saw a lot of people I know missing last night, and a lot of the guiding community locally not there. Only a fraction of them were there.

    One thing is for sure anglers may have to get a lot more mobile on the island this year. Again it is too soon to say but everybody need to join your groups that will fight for you SFI, SVIAC, BC Wildlife etc, to lobby the government. The SFAB is only an advisory board not a lobbyist. Tough times ahead...:(
  7. Deewar25

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    I was 30000 feet up in the air somewhere over the pacific...that was my excuse, I'm sticking with it! ha Much discussion on seals/sea lions? They can close us down all they want, but I bet it does nothing as this is the real problem in my books (as I mentioned a month or two ago and I see that recent article seems to agree!)
  8. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    The point on sea lions etc was raised.

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