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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by fishman69er, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. fishman69er

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    hey there, well now that the holidays are over and the goon show crowds are back to work/school we can get down to some fishing, heres hopin that everybody had a good holiday, anyway , fished the stamp today hit a few fish and saw a few others, the river is down to good fishable levels, but after lookin at the weather report it might not be for long, oh well back to work for a couple days anyway, i was also wonderin it there was any info from the Cow, Gold or any others that are worth a metion, thanks, ensure the future

    ensure the future
  2. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Well the holiday's are gone and the goon show is still at it's best. 18 guy's at the falls.. Needless to say we went to a quite little spot and found a few.
    As for the water it is still on the high side but dropping steadily. Vis was from 3 to 5 ft. and clearing. With the cooler temps. forecasted she may just fall into shape.. Will definately be waiting for a weekday if it makes a difference..-dirty
  3. well been out of comission for terms of fishing, whats going on , on the stamp whats the report to high to fish....? well never to high , is it blown out? well neways any new info would be appreciated well time to do some homewerk...chu

    ...............copenhagen makes me feel so good! some you people should know eh... or am i the only one here thats been chewn this good stuff...? lol
  4. Im finaly going to take the dust off the gear and try the flow out for the new year. Anything showing up in the stamp? Havent heard much of anything. Lemme know and details guys
  5. bigchrome

    bigchrome Guest

    your 100% correct Dirtdog on the goon show
    would not be so bad if there guys had some decorum, etiquette, maners, repect for guys already fishing water before they get there.
    theres always one or 2 village idiots I guess

  6. When out today with stealie man, Hooked into a couple. Ran into a couple other anglers but not as many as i would have thought. Maybe hit the flow again tomorrow morning
  7. yeah, hitting up the flow again tomorrow morning in the same general area ......if ne of you guys see me chuck me a luck lol didnt get to beerstore..." not good " o well should have some chew hopefully well yea neways see you on the flow im out\

  8. chevyshaulass

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    Well I've been outta the loop for a while, just spent a week in Peurto Vallarta. All I can say is ive never seen so much girls and free booze in my life!Even got to do some fishin, buddy I went out with tagged a sailfish around 100 pounds, what a hoot. Anyways, ive heard theres been lots of rain since i was gone, is she blown again or is it staying in shape?Probably working all week but might find a day off.
  9. Eagle Eyes

    Eagle Eyes Guest

    havent hit the stamp myself, but fished the puntledge today and nailed 6, but not much size (the leftover LGB fish) biggest being only 7 pounds. oh well fun on light gear.
  10. vince gee

    vince gee Guest

    Ya just talked too bags he just landed from thailand big numbers were reported free liquor and free babes what else is there !!!!

    Just Bring it!
  11. was in awesome shape saturday water was perfect......god vis high but not that bad lots of fishable places ...dont think it will be blown out....well im out

  12. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Sweet day on the flow for a sleep in.. Found a few in amoungst the jets rippin around.. River is in great shape..-dirty
    Hey Chev, ya P.V. is sweet, spent a few trips down there.. Time is now, mixed fish, probably 50/50 on fresh to coloured...
  13. Dirtdog67

    Dirtdog67 Guest

    Sweet day on the flow for a sleep in.. Found a few in amoungst the jets rippin around.. River is in great shape..-dirty
    Hey Chev, ya P.V. is sweet, spent a few trips down there.. Time is now, mixed fish, probably 50/50 on fresh to coloured...
  14. hit the stamp late this morning 11:30.....fished till 1:45, meatbeater and me combined for 12 chomers on with half of them which was lost was easilly over 15 lbs prob pushin high teens 18lb's maybe we got were between 6 and 10lbs all nice wild fish gotta love the secret spots i know of lol well im out ....might be hittn it up tomorrow pm ....

  15. Eagle Eyes

    Eagle Eyes Guest

    got 5 on the puntledge today, around 5 pounds or so mix of winter and fall runs.
    hopefully going furhter afield next weekend (stamp or nahwitti)
  16. me n meatbeater were fishn a section in the fastwater above the store pool.....and hit it right when a group of fish were moving through.....then went up to the pool above and picked up afew more, then went down to the section we were fishin and got not even a sniff, what were you usin magnolia? if you want pics ill have em soon cause dont want you thinkn im b.s n or nething

    well im out steelheadman
  17. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    Stamp River=gong show. I decided to start out at a place that is usually empty, where ive only seen 2 other guys there all season and whataya know, 3 vehicles parked already. So i turned around and went to the Sproat, it was still pretty high, only fished it for about 20 minutes then decided that id hike into the falls pool from the airport. Nope!someone already had that idea. I wasnt gonna hike all the way in there just to have to share the spot with 2 or 3 other guys. Frustraded at this point I went for a good drive out to a small system. Water was dead low and clear, not a fish in sight. Even more frustrated at this point cause ive done a lot more driving than fishing, I just went to the falls pool on the circus side. Only a few guys there. Pounded it all afternoon until dark but only managed 2 smaller chromers. Congrats to the guy that was there just slayin the trout and smolts on the ghost shrimp, way to go!

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  18. you shoulda smacked him chevy.......i woulda<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
  19. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    He was told by a couple people, plus I outfished him with gear anyway so oh well. A fed came down too i dont know how he didnt get caught.
  20. i dont see the point of using bait in area's your not aloud to use it in.....should learn how to catch fish the rightway, not worth risking losing your rod n reel and a nice fine, well thats how i look at it, should hit the flow together sometime chev


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