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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Brent Doornenbal, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. I had 2 Gloomis EX6 Mooching rods but the reel seat went out on one, they have told me that they cant/wont repair it and that they have discontinued that line of rods and don't plan to build a replacement for it.

    What are the other options for some well made mooching rods to match with the Islander Reels.

    Gloomis service and quality has gone down hill since 2010 when they got purchased by the big guy, ill likely have to switch all my fresh water gear at some point also.

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  2. John Ingram

    John Ingram Active Member

    Have the Gloomis rod rebuilt. A new reel seat is not to hard to install.
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  3. After about 5 calls they realize they make a 2019 rod, part number 12774-01. Slightly different specs but within an ounce and they are sending it up, seems like they don't want to repair it or send it back to so I can repair it.
  4. fishbadger

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    Mooching rod setups, especially with a lot of downrigger use, especially with a lot of DEEP downrigger use, puts a lot of torque on the reel seat. I went through a couple this season. A busted reel seat is not an easy fix or replacement. You can drill a bunch of holes and squirt epoxy in with a syringe, and hope like hell that somehow it is more durable than the original epoxy job, or you can take off the rear grip and reel seat off the butt end of the rod, and try to do a retrofit with new arbors on the rear grip and reel seat. Or you can build a new rod, or buy a new rod (best option).

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  5. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    where did u buy the rod from? if you have had a reel seat spin on it is covered under warranty and they will replace the rod with the newer version... which looks pretty nice... if you want the older version they cannot replace that one because it is discontinued
  6. spoiler

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    not really a tough fix. Just strip the cork off below the reel seat. re-glue the seat and re-build the lower grip. I have done lots of them!
  7. chromatose007

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    Yeah, I had a Technium Guide model pop a guide nowhere near the tip. QC is in the toilet everywhere...
  8. spoiler

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    just cough up the money and buy a Sage 4110 factory rod and never look back!
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