Nanaimo to Vancouver for Sox


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It appears the winds are going to be favourable over the next few days. I have made the run across before for Sox in 2014. Would appreciate some suggestions on where to head for this years fish. I have been reading the Vancouver Fishing reports daily but would be open to suggestions on where to drop the lines upon arrival. Thanks in advance. Cheers


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I'd show up at that Tango 10, troll down to Sandheads, watch for schools. Find a school and you're going to be in to fish.


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Don’t wast your time at T10 trolling to sandheads just go to straight to samdheads

Agreed, T10 has been a huge waste of time tried it a few hours the last 3 outings Nailed a few sockeye out in 500 but sandheads is the place to go for sure. If you see a school of jumpers while crossing might be worth a stop and see. For sockeye if its Ebbing try deep, if its flooding try shallow, probably will be about 100-200 boats out

Their is also some tanks of chinooks being hit at sandheads baddogg, For chinook at sandheads theirs kind of a back eddy that's forms north of the sandheads marker, close in to the line along 29-3 and the banana. If you troll anchovies troll fast otherwise its dogg city, Chartreuse blade with glow and UV is nice in close because the fraser water is so dirty. 150-250 water, 40-60 on the rigger for chinook
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We found them at the north arm this morning and most boats were into them. Definitely out in the deeper water and 77' above some dummies was the ticket for us.

I would add to that the bite was early and died off around 10 or so and then we picked through a few randoms and lost a few too. :(