Nanaimo - Spring / Summer 2014

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Sculpin, Apr 7, 2014.

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    hahahahaha oh boy jeffy you got owned.. make sure you post a pic of the chovie head in your mouth lol :D
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    haha.. I don't see anything tying that picture to Nanaimo , and also there is only 5 fish there... but I will be a sport.. next time out trolling this week I will bite the head off a chovy.. it might just be the good luck I need to bring home a couple salmon.. so sure ill play along...
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    Luck.... You need it so you'll stop breaking them fancy rods.
  5. jeffywestcoast

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    Ya I have been a bit of a bill dance to start this new Trophy xl in 9' med/heavy action seem real nice though.. fingers crossed the Trophy rep has mercy on my second breakage on the titan..otherwise ima have the nicest gaff handle you ever seen..:p
  6. Fishtofino

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    Works for Edgar Hansen on the Northwestern
  7. Sculpin

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    Anyone out yesterday or today?

    I'm going to go tomorrow for a couple of hours.
  8. jeffywestcoast

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    Too much wind :(
  9. Bigdogg

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    Anyone here how fishing was today?? I'm heading out tomorrow winds suppose to die down.

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    Easter snack.JPG Was out this AM from 730 to 10:30 and landed a 10er red right off neck point at 178ft in 180. Quite the little scrapper.

    Also, was out the a few days when the fella said he caught - was it 5 - with my thoughts being it might not be too far fetched. I was out that same afternoon with a rookie and we had four good bites in 2 hours. The rookie starts taking pics mid fight of a beaut silver as it swam across the surface giving him the stink eye... and you can guess what happened to that one as the lure came flying right at him. From there about 20 mins we landed a nice red. One for four, but I had an experienced fisher with me there would like have been a few more....

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  11. jeffywestcoast

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    WOW forcast turned around.. tomorrow looks good for fishing now..might get to try out the new raingear :)
  12. Fishin'Zinn

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    For what little fishing was done this weekend, besides the wind obviously - was pretty dismal. No prawns hardly (probably the heavy current) and the worst was the crazy algae bloom - never seen so much algae stick to my line from trolling around for a little bit, just brutal! Very hard to clean off.

    Still nice to get out the new boat after weeks of hard work on it!

    EDIT: What the heck was I thinking, meant to post in Vancouver/Sunshine Coast Report!
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  13. Sculpin

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    That's a beauty Ironwood. Thanks for posting :).

    JUST ONE MORE Member

    that is a beauty Ironwood, ----any more pics---- love to see em
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    Anybody know the facebook group for fishing Nanaimo?
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    Just heard from a buddy who fished the Grande and Thrasher thru the weekend. They managed 6 springs...largest was 22. The bulk of their action was at the Grande...300' of water down about 120' and a small 3.5 spoon, no flasher worked for them. Lots of bait apparently....don't know too many more details as just got a text.

    I should add I think it was Fri/Sat as they passed us at the hump Friday afternoon and were going to overnight in Silva for at least one night possibly two.
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  19. Reel Time

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    11 pounds off fingers Friday

    9 pounds yesterday evening...

    Usual depths and colors

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  20. 1stLite

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    seemed a little slower out there today compared to last weekend 2 hits all morning one about 8 lbs and one 17 lbs lots of plakton

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