My First Cowichan River Drift

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    What a beautiful adventure being a guest with iGuideBC . Alex West sure knows his river, The Cowichan River. Weather was perfect high clouds overcast. The river had come down substantially from the heavy rain.

    Four sponsor day this drift.

    Amundson OutdoorsWhat can I say about Amundsons center pin rod and reel? You want high precision equipment without breaking the bank.

    Strategy KSP116m-2 line wt 10-17 pounds lure wt 1/4-1 oz. center pin rod

    Amundson Center Pin tcp450 reel—

    Steelybeads. Sizes from 8mm,10mm,12mm, 14mm and all sort of colour variation. All lock into the line with their patent bead peg. What work for this time of the season was what we call a dead egg. About 10 mm mixture of pale cream with a tint of very light colour peach hazel with white.

    Rigrap Orange Being in a tight space organization was imperative. I had one rod , Alex had three. Concentration on the Steelybeads I knew I had to go through allot of beads to find the right colour and size for this time of the year.

    That was made perfect with RigRap orange. With over twenty pre tied bead rigs it was so easy to remove and change. Easy to see the selection through the cases and store away the leaders that have already been used.

    Gopro 5 on vocal activation it was very easy to take photos and or video hands free. Lesson learned do not brag about the camera voice activation as I said the magic words and didn’t realize it turned it on. I had great video of the inside of my storage case.

    Lucky Strike Bait rubber nets. Ensured that the fish were easily handled and safely released without removing their protective slime or their scales.

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