Montego Bay Charter Reccomendations?

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by 777, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. 777

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    Hey all, we're headed to Montego Bay for the last week of January. have any of you chartered there? What can we expect? Any guides you'd recommend or ones you wouldn't go with again?

  2. Dogbreath

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    Don't bother.
  3. 777

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    lol, well...that simplified that! haha. May i ask why? is it just not good fishing, or off season?
  4. Dogbreath

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  5. BigReel

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    i was at Sandals in December in Montego Bay. Did their fishing trip on a big Bertram. $250 usd for 4 hours. What a waste. Just drove around in the swells. Barely any change or try from the guide and captain. Came back with NOTHING. You would think at a major resort with some reputation they would be smart enough to put the people on the fish. Nope, they didnt care. But they sure made sure you knew there was no refunds as soon as they untied from the dock.
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  7. Rain City

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    I had a great time on one of those smaller shady boats. They took us for pictures at a waterfall and then drove us up river and cooked us the king fish in their tiny village. Amazing experience. Screenshot_20180119-182346.jpg

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    British tourists are being warned they should stay inside their resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    The Jamaican government has declared a state of emergency in the St James parish, after a number of "shooting incidents".

    The Foreign Office has told British tourists to stay in the confines of their hotels as a "major military operation" takes place.

    About 200,000 British tourists visit Jamaica every year.

    A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "[Tourists] should follow local advice including restrictions in selected areas, and exercise particular care if travelling at night.

    "[They] should stay in their resorts and limit travel beyond their respective security perimeters."
  9. Pippen

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    @777 I am sure you have heard but be careful down there with the Jamaican government issuing a "state of emergency" and travel advisory specifically for the Montego Bay area.

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