members aluminum boats!!

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  1. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    hey guys i know there is all ready a thread made for sport fishing bc forum members boats but im making this one only for aluminum boats. so please drop a picture of your aluminum fishing rig down below.
    here are my new tinnys thank you matts pictures 001.jpg matts pictures 005.jpg matts pictures 024.jpg matts pictures 025.jpg
  2. firelight

    firelight Active Member


    Ok I'll bite.
  3. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    nice lifetimer
  4. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member


    Here's my battle wagon.


    Coming in on Lake Pacifica during the tuna shootout last year.
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  5. nahmint

    nahmint Member

    menmbers' aluminum boats

    Here's "Nahmint"...

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  6. El Capitan

    El Capitan Member

    20100413_83.JPG Earleejune- This is when I first got her. She has a few "gaff scars" in the paint now.
    Stormcraft Welded Aluminum Fishing Machine.jpg Blue Pearl - This one has a few gaff scars now as well.

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  7. fish stalker

    fish stalker Active Member

    wow that last boat is sexy Captain. Sort of has this vintage look to it. I think I could probably rock that :)

    Very jelly of everyones tinnys (even tho I feel funny calling them that lol. not quite what I picture when I think of 'tinny')
  8. El Capitan

    El Capitan Member

    The last one is a Metal craft marine from Kingston ontario. I must confess that I could have bought her but did not. Shure wish I had cause she is dead sexy!!
  9. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    IMG_0227.jpg P1100224.jpg CIMG4243.jpg P1010991.jpg

    yup my tinny
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  10. fish stalker

    fish stalker Active Member

    get some trick flip up/out so and to not take any sexyness away. definitely get a little tingley looking at her, smokin'.

    trohywife what!!? wow. ...and a firepit on the dock! pimp!! you must get a little smile everytime you see your boat :)

    hmm so mabey I could remortgage my house...

    ps both of you are dicks lol
  11. bananas

    bananas Active Member

    Here's my rig!


  12. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    From the front that Metal Craft Marine reminds me of a Monaro for some reason.
  13. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    This just wreaks of AWESOME!!!!
  14. coopsie

    coopsie Member

    That boat is SWEEET !!! nice pic
  15. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    hey bannas is your name trevor and you charter outa port renfrew most of the time???
  16. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Here is a picture of my tinny in a quiet bay in Esperanza. She's a 20 ft. Silverstreak with a 130 Honda and 9.9 Yammy. Bought new in '04, tough boat, goes anywhere, catches lots of fish!

    My Boat 1.jpg
  17. staying alive

    staying alive Member

    My ride


    Crestliner V236 Eagle --225 merc Blackmax ---goes like stink --drinks fuel like I'm an Arab

    But I love my boat
  18. Gypseas

    Gypseas Active Member

    My ol' gurl



  19. tykkyt e blue

    tykkyt e blue Well-Known Member

    Here's mine... built in 98 to be a ski and fish boat - There was a time when it had downriggers and waypoints for the 'corner' - its retired from the salt now
    Honest 70mph when its trimmed out and the 'big wheel' on the propshaft

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  20. burnsy22

    burnsy22 Well-Known Member

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