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  1. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    Heading up to Loon Lake (just north of Cache Creek)tomorrow for our annual family fishing derby/camping trip.
    I don't fish lakes too often,but do have some success most days.
    Thinking back several years when fishing with my father-in-law on Woods Lake for Kokanee,maggots were his go to weapon of choice.
    Haven't used them on any trips lately . Just wondering where to buy these little fellows... Are they as available as worms are at all tackle shops and a lot of gas stations?
    Wondering if I should source some today before we head out tomorrow.
    We used the pink dyed ones if I remember correctly..
    Had a good laugh watching my daughter put them on the hook when she realized what they were.. The word maggot never has good connotations except when they catch fish.LOL
  2. Big_Shank

    Big_Shank Member

    Can't say much about maggots, but I do know mealworms and king worms from pet shops work like a hot damn. The King worms bite pretty hard so you have to be quick putting them on the hook...
  3. Silent knots

    Silent knots Member

    Best combo for those area lakes... from my experince is a willow leaf, wedding band and worm... or chrominid in place of wedding band and worm. Pink and red are usually good producing colours, granted depending on the food source and time of year you'll want to have some variety.
    As for availability.... The petrocan in Clinton carries worms, don't recall ever seeing maggots. Not too sure about what the resorts have down Loon Lake Rd, if anything.
  4. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Canadian Tire usually carries the pink maggots, but you can also try Pautzke fire cured corn. I like to use a Shasta Tackle small sling blade dodger instead of a gang troll which creates too much drag for that size fish. A Shasta wiggle hoochie in pink works well too.
  5. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    We fish Kokanee quite a bit. I like to think we do well. Small light rods, 2" willow leafs 1/2 chrome 1/2 brass with a wedding ring tipped with hot pink fire corn. I'm sure others have had different experiences but I catch most of mine in the top ten feet of the water. And a green wedding ring on one side of the boat and red on the other. After a reasonable period of time and no fish I'll start switching colors. Pink maggots work too if you can find them. Corn works better for me though.
  6. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Top ten feet in the early season for sure, but come summer you need to go 30-50 feet
  7. abbyfireguy

    abbyfireguy Active Member

    Thanks guys,appreciate the info. I have fished a lot of lakes over the years and have all the items mentioned above in my tackle box. Most of my fishing of late has been salmon in the rivers and salt.
    Unfortunately I can't tow a 28 ft travel trailer and my well rigged jet boat at the same time,so will be fishing out of the stand by. A 12 ft Porta Bote with new Suzuki 2.5 hp 4 stroke. With the 2 or 3 times I use the little boat each year the motor should last a long time.
    Just a few more things to pack and we are off, gotta remember the sunscreen. I'm already enough of a redneck without any help from the sun!!LOL..
  8. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Hey AFG, if you are staying at White Moose, one of the best baits for Loon is watermelon powerbait on the bottom or with a float...can be stellar off of the shore in that location, otherwise you gotta go deep at Loon for consistent action...

    Another option is if you get one fish throw some guts off to the side and wait till you breed your own maggots...mind you could have some bear fun as well though.

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