Mabel lake may 20th to 27th, any tips for Rainbow or Lakers?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Mibson, May 13, 2017.

  1. Mibson

    Mibson New Member

    Hey folks! :)

    I'm excited to head to Mabel May 20th. I have never been there. I have a modest zodiac set up with a downrigger with sonar. I am staying in a beach cabin at the resort.

    I was planning on trying for a Laker with the downrigger and trolling with my fly rod with fast full sink line for rainbows.

    Any tips for this time of year?
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  2. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    Lakes pretty full and all creeks and rivers here are at peak flow and higher so might be tough fishing but I'd try:

    For rainbows the East side of lake half way between kingfisher and Mabel lake provincial park. Couple of steep rocky banks to troll in front of, you can't miss them. Fish usually suspended there in about 27-35 ft. Mouth of the river at lumby end can be good too but spawning season right now and full on high water.

    Lakers can be caught in quite a few places around the lake but look for flatish rocky bottom about 80-85'
    Out front of noisy creek at north end can be pretty productive. Also catch burbot (ling) there too using worms right on the bottom.

    There's some pretty good size dollys in there too. I don't know about others but a flasher and hoochie trolled in front of creek mouths work well for me if I'm chasing them.

    Lots off small rainbows and Kokanee too if you drag something shiney around on top.

    Helgramites are late this year and are still occasionally showing up so I'd try that if I was dragging a fly and I've just started to see the occasional flying black ant.

    Good luck and have fun.
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  3. Mibson

    Mibson New Member

    Thanks Clint R!
    Around this time of year what would you target?
  4. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    I'd drag a fly around trying for rainbows. Should be lots of non spawned in 3-4lb range around shoreline drop offs. Try those rocky areas. They drop off fairly steep. Lakers, dollies and Kokanee in that order if no bows.
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  5. Mibson

    Mibson New Member

    amazing fishing! Clint the spot you described produced!
    I landed an 7lbs male rainbow and a 4lbs rainbow. I kept the 7lbs for my cousin taxidermist to mount. Its the biggest bow I've ever got. I know 7lbs is not HUGE but it was huge to me. The drag on my fly reel broke during the fight.
    My brother lost a female at least 8lbs right beside the boat.
    We got lots of small bows and whitefish too.
    What a great time! I think with the flooding , or perhaps we were lucky, the fishing stars aligned. I have been doing a yearly fishing trip with my father and brother for years and we have had lots of good fun, good fish, but nothing like this.

    For an update I should add: all the larger fish we caught were not close to the creek. We were at least 150m out from shore.
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  6. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report and glad to hear you had good success. Such a beautiful lake and area, particularly before the summer hordes arrive!!


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