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    Went out with Bag Jan today, BWD predicted winds where not to actuate today. 2 meter waves and some beautiful white caps encouraged me to try Peddar Bay. Nice calm water in the bay, saw a sea lion for the first time in the bay. Lots of bait showing and a few boats out around the bouy. Jigged for 2 hours and caught many different types of cod, small hali or maybe where sole. Also for the first time caught some small squid. Finished with 8 nice crab from 4 traps, saw a guilty looking boat leaving the area as one trap was empty with most bait gone this was a commercial style trap and should have had at least some type of crab being a smaller crab or a rock crab as if bait was gone and trap is empty and in was not in the area that I had dropped trap. If you must rob traps at least leave some thing in the pot and reposition the trap near where you pulled from as we took a lot longer finding our traps from our GPS positioning's.

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