Lost in Bamfield

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Eric Nelson, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson New Member

    Just got back from 4 days in Bamfeild. salmon was slow inside and very short bite right on slack. we got a couple around 20lbs, lots of shakers and a few nice coho in the low teens by Beal and on the back side of Fleming. got some ling over by seabird rocks. went out to 7 mile for hali and threw every thing I had down there with nothing. not even a nibble. my friends were sea sick so couldn't get out to the bank or rats nose. I get the salmon slow, no idea why. BUT.... who wants to share a few honey holes so a guy can get some better ling and where are the hali? I want to go back for last week of August. then going to do the tuna run on september. trying to learn an area, love the Bamfeild area but struggling to find the sweet spots. any and all intel very much appreciated.
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  2. Joe

    Joe Member

    I would bet no one wants to share their honey hole. Find a pinnacle, anchor on it. sit there until hali come.
  3. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson New Member

    Well I was, that is why the questions. anchored up 2 times spent 2 hours each time, salmon bellies, macro, squid, and so on . never struggled getting Hali any other time. so just putting it out there and using this forum for information. I was limited by my friends being sick for sure. I would have tried 12 mile then probably big bank after that. But also bounced off a lot of rocks and just found barley legal lings. I will find my spots with time, but in todays technology Im going to use it and reach out.....
  4. Joe

    Joe Member

    Good luck! My best advice is to stay longer then 2 hours...
  5. harper44

    harper44 Well-Known Member

    What Joe said. 2 hours isn't enough time to judge a new spot. Nobody on this planet is going to give up an inshore Hali spot on an open forum. Put in the work, you'll find some. There's a million pinnacles in Barkley sound and lots of them hold halibut.
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  6. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Well-Known Member

    it sounds like you are doing the same thing most guys do. Find some structure and sometimes they are there instantly and sometimes you have to wait. I anchored near 7 mile about a month ago and the first day it took me 2 hours to get one hali. Next day I moved and got 2 in 35 mins.
  7. The Jackel

    The Jackel Guest

    Stick and stay make it pay and take every bait known to mankind with you. For a bottom feeder they can be picky as hell, case in point you may be using salmon bellies on one rod, herring on another...nothing, but put a small piece of salmon on the nose of the herring and off she goes.
  8. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Don't just think "pinnacle".....our best spot out of Tofino is on a big flat that drops from 110' to 150'. We fish on the 150' end of the slope....no pinnacles close by.
  9. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson New Member

    Well i can see that i perhaps left to early. As stated 2 sick people on boat didn't help. However i also know to use salmon heads and didn't bring any. my bad. nNot looking for inside spots. just thought people might have some common go to spots to share. I know people troll for them at Rats nose, i have never done it but Im going to try it next time as well. appreciate the information. Got to learn eventually. thanks again

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