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  1. Waterwolf2230

    Waterwolf2230 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,

    With the tragic loss of my beloved Etec G2's, I'm forced to consider other options for my boat build. I've been watching lots of videos on the new V8 Verado's and they seem pretty impressive. One video I watch they used identical 34' center console boats, one with triple 300 V8's and one with triple 400 V6 Supercharged. The triple 300's kicked its ass up to about 40 MPH. More torque, better fuel economy etc. Top speed was 70 vs 79 MPH. They seem to have some interesting tech in them as well with the ability to maintain a cruising RPM and a few other interesting technologies. I just don't know anyone that has one and was hoping for some feedback. I'm thinking either the twin 250's or twin 300's. I also like the look of the new Verado's as well...

    Any advice is appreciated.

  2. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Crew Member

    A buddy of mine has 200 verados and the are load as hell at 4000rpm. I think they are the supercharged 4 bangers...
    I,d go Zukes! Twin 300. I run twin 200 and they are smooth and quiet.
    Ya I have no idea about the verado v8s lol......I’m bored.
  3. CBsqrd

    CBsqrd Well-Known Member

    Was waiting for this thread to start since BRP axed Evinrude...

    Lots of reviews on thehulltruth.com, and all the ones I’ve seen have been very positive. The only slightly negative feedback I’ve seen has been from some who’ve repowered from the previous inline six models and have found them to not be quite as smooth (understandable), but the torque, fuel efficiency, etc. more than offset that.

    They’d easily be my first choice if I was in your shoes.

    Also, the Merc VesselView for your engine info is just a rebadged Simrad GO XSE unit with the same functionality which will play nice with your planned system. Or you could display the info on a second EVO3 unit if you have two already.
  4. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    @fishinsolo has a v8 300 verado. I believe hes satisfied
  5. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    There’s still a lot of G2’s available and BRP says they’ll support them. Why change it up?
  6. BCI

    BCI Crew Member

    I put a pair of V8 300 Verados on my 315 Conquest this past winter. They replaced some 300hp L6 Verados. Noise of L6 is more like a private jet at cruise. V8 is more well, V8. Not as loud as a Yamaha F350. More about the same noise level as a Yamaha F300 but a V8 instead of a 6. Fuel economy +10-15% with the V8s with same props. If I put the ECOs on its plus 20%.

    I like the engines a lot. Lots of mid range torque, great fuel burn (which means better range). I only have 50 hours so far on the motors but so far so good.

    Lots of electrical output, nice to be able to check engine oil by popping the top cover instead of pulling the cowling.

    I'll be putting them on my next build again instead of anything else.
  7. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    I know a couple of guys that have them are over the moon happy with them
  8. Waterwolf2230

    Waterwolf2230 Well-Known Member

    What are you getting for performance on that boat. It should be a fair bit heavier than mine will be. How much does your Conquest weigh? Max speed and cruising speed etc? I'm hoping that I can get away with 250's and still get around 50 MPH for a top speed. I would be so mad if it was underpowered but I also don't want to waste cash on 300's if 250's will give me what I want. You don't troll with them do you?

  9. BCI

    BCI Crew Member

    That boat with;
    2016 350 L6's would hit 48mph and cruise 28-38 mph 1.3-1.4 mpg.
    2018 300 L6's would hit 44mph and cruise 26-30 mph 1.1-1.2 mpg.
    2020 300 V8's will hit 46mph and cruise 26-36 mph 1.3-1.4 mpg.

    I troll with them yes. Much nicer than using a kicker for my boat, unless you're rolling cut plug and need the slow slow speed. I can run 1.5 mph no problem at idle. Too fast for cuttie but good for everything else. I try to avoid kickers when I can because I prefer not listening to a kicker winding its guts out. I don't mind houring up the mains.
  10. Waterwolf2230

    Waterwolf2230 Well-Known Member

    Here are my concerns...

    1 - I won't need them until next spring so shelling out $70G to have them sit there all winter isn't ideal.
    2 - Resale - I have to believe that an obsolete outboard will fetch less money when it comes time to repower.
    3 - Service - BRP already had less repair shops around than its competitors and my way of thinking that will not improve with this news.

    From the sounds of it BRP has immediately stopped producing them. I guess if the money was right and I could find two suitable outboards after January I could still consider it. It really is a shame, I loved my last set. My boat was a little rocket ship.
  11. MadJigga

    MadJigga Crew Member

    Fair enough
  12. BCI

    BCI Crew Member

    For my numbers I am guessing I am 14,000-15,000 pounds (full fuel 291 gals, full water 30 gals, fishing gear 250 pounds, three guys 600 pounds)

    31.5' x 10'8" and a heavy hull

    Here is Whaler's numbers with the L6 350s and the V8 300s. I find it accurate but I am running heavier and with bottom paint. So knock off 3-4 mph or so from their numbers.

    I am sure you can find some performance figures for a hull similar size, beam, and displacement on either Mercury's website or Whaler's website. If you can find a tested vessel or similar waterline length, beam, dead rise and displacement, you should be able to get a good idea of where you'll be on yours. See if they have anything that is similar to your setup.

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  13. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Love mine..... especially like the maintaining rpm feature while turning. Haven’t met or talked to a person who doesn’t love the new v8 vrods.
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  14. Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express Well-Known Member

    No first-hand knowledge, but I read www.thehulltruth.com a lot and the V8s seem to be very well liked with very few issues reported. When I saw the BRP news I immediately thought that your boat needs twin 300hp Verado V8s!
  15. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    I have done a lot of reading and such to prepare for when my IO removal project is ready to take flight. One of the best parts of the Volvo DPS is the dual stainless props so I have narrowed down my search to the 300HP DP Suzuki and the 300 HP V8 Verado. It seems to me that the extra 2 pistons on the Verado are best suited so unless someone comes out with a Mercuki that has the Verado's V8 and the Suzuki's dual props, then I'm all in on that V8 sucker for sure.
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  16. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    One factor i deem super important is having a good brand dealer that you can trust
  17. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    This is 100% true, another nod towards Mercury in my general area of operations.
  18. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    Especially if they are a top rated dealer. I believe all the brands produce good motors now so Warranty and dealer service tilt the scales for me
  19. Hourston 26

    Hourston 26 Member

    I run a set of 350 verado's on a 33' Coastal Craft Profish. Now, I have had a couple of major issues that warranted not one but two long block replacements. I won't you with the details but both issues were from the factory we believe and not from installation or maintenance related.
    What I would like to comment on is the warranty service, it's exceptional. Any snags I've had on my engines have been warrantied instantly, the only schedule I've had to work around is the shop I use on the sunshine coast(which isn't a huge issue). All brands will have their qwerks(ford chev dodge as far as I'm concerned). Pick your poison.

    I voluntarily repowered a 305 Grady a couple years ago from yam 250's to 300 G2's. I really liked the G2's and the fuel burn was noticeably less. That said, by the time I bought the 2 stroke oil, I was about the same price per mile.

    What I've learned about powering a boat is:

    1. Don't repower unless you have to. You won't realize the capital you need on the sale.
    2. Pick a brand that you can have serviced close to your home port easily.
    3. All of these manufacturers make really good products, I have found merc very good on warranty issues

    If I had to repower again on my boat I would go merc.

    Best of luck.

  20. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    I noticed one up, one down trim last weekend and it didn't leave the dock. Hope its resolved now and good to go, I'm looking forward to the wake events while I'm trolling this summer lol

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