Looking for recommendations for individual to install boat electronics

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  1. Lucky Streak

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    I live north of Qualicum and I'm looking for some to install a light bar, horn and vhf radio on my aluminum boat. This will be mostly wiring because other than the switches the holes have been pre-cut in the dash. I got a quote from the local boat house but it was way overpriced. Looking for maybe a small independent shop I can communicate well with. Thanks in advance, PM me if you wish.
  2. blindmonkey

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    Moose who goes by the name Bait Ban on this site is well known as a good installer. He did a beautiful install on my friend’s Pursuit. He is in Nanaimo.
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  3. Lucky Streak

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    Thank you for the quick replys, Moose if you happen to read this please PM me. I an presently on the lower mainland for a week so no rush.
  4. sir-vivor

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    Thus guy MOOSE is absolutely fantastic he helped me with an NIMA2000 issue when everyone I called and visited on the mainland failed or brushed me off... He's the Man forsure .. U won't go wrong with the Moose
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  6. Oly1

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    I’m beginning to detect a theme here. LOL


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