Logging Crew Mobilizes Near ‘Irreplaceable’ Wetland

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Derby, Feb 9, 2017.

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  2. walleyes

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    Going to be some darn good fishing in the lake from the dam once she's flooded, can't wait to give it a try.
  3. GLG

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    Delete your account.
  4. walleyes

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    No I'm just saying it's going to be some excellent opportunities for fishing when it's done. Ive been in the Dawson, Ft. StJohn area a little over 2 years now drilling wells and we have a very aggressive drilling program set up for the next 3 - 5 years in the area (getting ready for the LNG plants )and I know that myself and most of the people in the region are looking forward to it.

    Just trying to keep it positive man, sorry I know you guys only like the doom and gloom but it's not so,, just trying.
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  6. walleyes

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    Yes I know, doom and gloom, always, doom and gloom. Still I wonder though, how soon until some boat ramps are put in, can't wait to drop a down rigger in that pond going to be some excellent fishing opportunities in there. I know the Bennet dam they say has some awesome lake trout in it some with some real size I would think this lake will as well. Going to be interesting. I would think we'll still be working in the area well after it's done, can't wait.
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  7. GLG

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    Problem is you are not the one paying for it now are you.
    Here is a video that explains more on this issue.

  8. walleyes

    walleyes Well-Known Member

    I would imagine the first while there is going to be a lot of debris in the water a guy will have to watch for. Won't take long it will clear up and should be some clean fishing. I wouldn't think a guy would want to scrape the bottom though hey lol, be some nasty stumps.

    PS. Wendy Holm, my goodness man. The women is a known and staunch Communist sopporter her entire life, she has dedicated her life to promoting communist ideals. This is your choice for advise. Why this surprises me I don't know.
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  9. walleyes

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    And just for the record, I'm not saying I'm for or against Site C I have absolutely no skin in the game, I'm completely neutral on the issue. I'm just stating on a "fishing forum" that there is going to be some good fishing opportunities once the dam is complete.
  10. vic-tory

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    I'm against site c but agree always doom and gloom on here from some. At least you did show one positive from the project. Thank you.
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    I lived on kootaney lake on the waterfront with docks. The politics involved in managing water levels on that lake are somewhat complex but the bottom line was that Americans controlled those dams on the Columbia on Canadian land. That always concerned me. I would say that there is merit to the last part of the video.
  12. GLG

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    It’s amazing the things people think they know.......

    The whole reason for Site C was to supply power for the LNG dream, so either you don't know what your talking about or you just being disengereasious. I'm on the fence as to where you fall on that.

    For the record I'm with BCWF on the Site C dam. I don't want to see the destruction of an functioning ecosystem so that we can power up an industry that is bleeding us dry.
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  13. GLG

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    How Trumpish of an argument is that... you can't counter the argument so you attack the person. How dumb do you think we are here in BC?
  14. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    It’s amazing the things people think they know.......

    I would think twice about eating the fish due to the mercury load that is in there. But it's a free country and who am I to tell someone that they can or can not eat mercury contaminated fish.

    Also are you suggesting that we stock this new reservoir with lake trout? What about the bull trout are we going to write them off?
    Added.... There are some native lake trout in this system so that argument is not correct. I stand corrected.
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  15. GLG

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    So there was a Joint Review Panel on the merits of Site C and I recommend anyone interested in it to read it. Here is a link to it. Also note that in my sig there is quote from the chair.
    "I think we're making a very big mistake, a very expensive one." ~ Harry Swain, Chair, JointReviewPanel, 10 Billion Dollar SiteC Dam

  16. walleyes

    walleyes Well-Known Member

    First off GLG I'm not getting into it again with you, I simply came on a sportfishing forum and stated a fact and that was there is going to be some awesome fishing created by the dam, and that is a fact. I can't wait to have the opportunity to give it a try. Second I have never said nor do I think that the people of BC are dumb. I have traveled BC extensively from the time I was a young boy, fished hundreds of the back road pools and lakes, spent many a day working alongside in my province people from BC. I have traveled and fished the island extensively and I love the people of the province and the province. Now I have had the opurtunity for the past 2.5 years to work in N/E BC and I will tell you this. NEVER EVER for a minute think that YOU speak for the people of BC escpecialy people from the Peace Region. The majority of the people of the province are like any other and welcome prosperity for the province and their people and the majority fully understand what it takes to accomplish that goal. There are a few on here that are vocal about their agenda but again they certainly don't speak for all the people of the province.

    As far as this LNG dream you speak of,, it's no dream, it's happening as we speak. We are Drilling the wells, we are building the piplines, deals are being made daily, access is being granted, it's happening. Only difference is it's being done in small packages to keep out of the lime light. But that is a completely different topic and not in line with this forum which is about fishing. So like I said, I look forward to dropping a hook into what ever the name of the lake is this dam creates.
  17. agentaqua

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    My take on GLG's concerns, Walleyes - is that there are some serious issues wrt flooding lands - issues that aren't negated due to anyone's bravado wrt expressing looking forward to fishing in an impoundment; and issues that are similarly not invalidated by characterizing the expression of those issues as "doom and gloom". It would be both responsible and mature to take those concerns seriously, IMHO. Besides this thread - there has been a little of that conversation over these impacts already at: http://www.sportfishingbc.com/forum/index.php?posts/810002/
    Which offered these references:
  18. Klob

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    Rose colored glasses can get you into a lot of trouble, but ignorance is bliss. The sad part is we are not on the hook for this, that is for the next generations. Happy fishing!
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As far as the "doom and gloom" aspect on the forum. This post is in the conservation section of the forum. This forum section is specifically for discussing these types of topics from a conservation perspective. This section really isn't for glory shots of guys suffocating and hanging up trophy fish before they release it to die so they can have bragging rights on social media. The conservation section is for conservation topics that don't really belong in the main fishing forum. Most informed persons would agree that damming free flowing rivers is very poor from a conservation standpoint for Salmonid stocks. That's not being a boo bird that's just a well established fact. The Columbia River was the greatest Salmon producing river in the world until all the dams were built on the system. All the dams destroyed the Salmons ability to migrate properly. The Columbia still has major returns only now they have to be reared in hatcheries to compensate for the all the damage the dams caused to the wild Salmon runs.

    Even if that weren't the case on the Peace I just think it's disgusting that one of the most beautiful river valleys in the province is going to be inundated in the name of progress. I'm glad I at least got to to see it before this travesty is built.

    There may at some point be a decent fishery develop in the lake, but I'm pretty sure that will be many years from now. Lake trout in northern waters are a very slow growing species and it will take them a long time to get to large sizes. I'm no biologist but I'd expect the waters in a new impoundment that far north to be very sterile and nutrient deficient and not exactly conducive to rapid growth rates.

    I hope for the locals sake up there that it does produce some decent fishing, but I think it will be a long time coming. I wouldn't expect they're going to fill the reservoir drop in a bunch of fingerings and the fishing is going to be fantastic there in the blink of an eye. Your job may be over and done with before the lake turns into a decent fishery (if it ever does).
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  20. walleyes

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    Not sure why I'm being attacked here lol. Never said I was for the dam or against it. I'm not on here advocating for the dam all I'm saying is,, I can't wait to give the fishery a try. Maybe it will not be until after I'm done working there, but I do travel and these reservoirs make excelent fisheries in do time once the debris clears.

    Don't see why they would have to plant fingerlings into this system as the peace river if a very fertile system loaded with fish already. Are the fish that are there going to drown and they have to put dam fish in there that know how to swim in deep water lol. The Bennett dam the Peace dam, did they turn the system sterile when they were built. Did they wipe out the Eco system of the Peace River if so why is there such good fishing in the system today. Just some questions I ask as I read how this one is going to bring the sky down on us.
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