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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Niblos14, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Niblos14

    Niblos14 New Member

    Does anybody spin cast there. I dont want to piss anybody off . Just want to go for trout not salmon or steelhead. I dont fly fish and I never go for salmon in the rivers. Just wondering if anyone ever has trout luck there.
  2. bulldog10

    bulldog10 New Member

    All the time. Closed 100m below the hatchery. Sea run will be arriving soon
  3. Niblos14

    Niblos14 New Member

    Thanks for this. What do you recommend using ?
  4. jim morrow

    jim morrow Member

    Cutthroat trout here, in river and the estuary.
    spinners and spoons, small.
    red, yellow, white and silver colors...
  5. Niblos14

    Niblos14 New Member

    Thanks Jim appreciate it. Good luck out there guys.
  6. adrock1981

    adrock1981 Member

    Don't worry about pissing people off man, as long as you are within the law/regs other people can bugger off with their opinoins LOL. There are gorgeous cutthroat in that river, small marabou jigs, small pink worms on a jig head are pretty effective worked with a light spinning setup.
  7. Niblos14

    Niblos14 New Member

    Thanks bro. Looking forward to trying it out appreciate the advice
  8. adrock1981

    adrock1981 Member

    Sounds good, I hope you find a few fish.
  9. eroyd

    eroyd Well-Known Member

    Should be sea run CT of many of the beaches now. They will be pounding the salmon fry coming out of the rivers. Fly patterns that imitate such are the ticket though they are suckers for small crocodile spoons. Please be gentle with those little gems. There really isn't that many of them. They are quite vulnerable.
  10. Niblos14

    Niblos14 New Member

    You got my word 100% care will be taken. Thank you for this much appreciated
  11. quin

    quin New Member

    It's closed to apprx 35m below the hatchery fence, there's signs (or there used to be) indicating the boundary.
  12. Old Fisher

    Old Fisher Member

    Remember - single barbless hook only. And the entire river is closed upstream from the hatchery.

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