Land based farm in financial bind

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Fishtofino, Mar 8, 2017.

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    That's too bad, Fishtofino. Thx 4 sharing.
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    This would be a serious blow to the closed-containment industry should Kuterra have to fold operations. Will be interesting to see if someone is able to bail them out to keep the facility going. Like any startup industry/company they were going to be hard-pressed to make money in the early years. The technology advancements and lessons learned will hopefully pave the way for others to step up and continue to move this industry forward. It is abundantly clear to those closely following the fish farming industry that closed-containment is the way of the future, it's just a matter of how much longer our BC gov't continues to subsidize/promote open net pens that will determine that transition time.

    Fingers crossed they can find a solution.
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    should they not get some sort of cash back from our govt to help make them be profitable? they ones in the ocean do, for example .open nets gets free waste disposal and sick fish payouts.
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    I didn’t know anything about Kuterra until a few weeks ago. I was shocked at an upscale restaurant when the waitress told us the salmon was farmed! After questioning her she educated me about Kuterra, and said that the restaurant owners believed it was the most “sustainable” salmon to serve. Gave me something to think about. Seems like this is something the public could get behind? Then again, I used to think hatcheries for wild salmon were awesome too, now maybe not so much. It’s hard to know what to think these days!
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    Yepper, TC! We used to think cutting wood otta the creeks was a good idea too. I am hoping most people now understand that the open net-cage technology also has it's consequences...
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    Seafood Dragon will be a fully-integrated and commercially viable RAS Atlantic salmon farming facility in China based on state-of-the art RAS technology, supplied by world-leading technology providers AKVA Group and Aquatec Solutions.
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