Kingfisher 1825 (or similar) washdown pump location ?

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  1. zurk

    zurk Member

    Anyone know where the washdown pump is located and where it is plumbed to ? I have the button on the dash and pump is wired in since i can see the amp usage when i hit the switch but have no idea where it is.
  2. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Can't you hear the pump running when you flip the switch on? If not maybe you don't have one but the power may be still wired to a switch for it. Do you have the wash down hose in your gunnel? Do you see water spraying anywhere when you turn it on? When you bought the boat did you not go over the boat functions with the previous owner before buying it?

    Picture from the Kingfisher site for an 1825 Falcon wash down hose location:
  3. donnie d

    donnie d Active Member

    Should be on the left hand side of the bilge compartment once you open the hatch. You have to open the valve at the bottom of the bilge for the pump to prime when you switch it on...if it’s all hooked properly and you haven’t blown a fuse, should work. Use mine all the time. Ensure you drain completely for winter storage or prime with antifreeze.
  4. zurk

    zurk Member

    can you take a few pics of yours including switch and where its located ? is it on the left hand side facing towards the outboard ? near to the swim platform ?
    valve is near the bilge pump or somewhere else ?
    im assuming the switch is an icon of boat with shower at the bottom of it ?

    i know its there since my victron bmv712 shows 2 amps usage when i turn it on but no noise or water anywhere.
  5. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    Where is the thru hull located that draws in the water (assuming it is a raw water wash down)? Perhaps this would help you locate the pump. Every boat I have had has placed the pump very close to the thru hull. At the very least, you could follow the plumbing from the inside point of entry to locate the pump.
  6. zurk

    zurk Member

    i have three in the front, one in rear but nothing else. they all look like drains. which is weird but if it goes from the bilge it makes sense i guess. i dunno.
  7. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    I would think that there should be a thu hull, somewhere at the stern the leads to a seacock and then to the pump. If all you have are drains, then you have no way to draw water in and therefore no pump/washdown installed. On a previous boat, I cut in the thru hull and added a pump to a prewired pump situation. Perhaps that is your setup? BTW look underneath the boat if you have not, some thru hulls are installed there as well.
  8. Saveth

    Saveth Member

    On the boat I fish on, you can have the washdown switch on, but the pump won't turn on until you open the nozzle for the hose. Once open, the pump will turn on and it will begin to pressurize the hose.
  9. donnie d

    donnie d Active Member

    Yea. That’s the one. Some of those switches flip both ways so make sure you try each.

    Thru Hull should be right beside your bilge pump. Make sure that’s open. That feeds to the pump which should be near to it, just follow the hose. Try the nozzle as you may have to open it for the pump to prime itself....although if the pump is not primed you should hear a short quick prime when you flip the switch to the left of the steering column.

    It will be another week until I’m out in the boat so I can take pics then if you like.
  10. zurk

    zurk Member

    if you could take pics that would be great. i still havent found it lol.
    i know it runs cuz its got a light on it when i hit on and battery meter shows 2 amps usage which is a lot. no priming noise.
  11. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    Hello, I just took a look at a new, in the box, Shur Flow pump - specs on 12V indicates it draws 5 - 7.5 amps.

    I look forward to hearing how this unfolds.

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