Kill the moose to save the caribou?

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    How will killing moose save caribou? That is a great question. The logic behind this goes as follows: wolves are a major predator for caribou and another staple of their diet is moose. The more moose we kill, the fewer wolves there will be and the more caribou we will save. So in order to save our caribou populations, the NDP have declared open season on moose calves and cows.

    Needless to say, the logic is a bit flawed. Firstly, if wolves can’t find as many moose, won’t they just look for more caribou? Secondly, is this really the greatest option we have to protect the caribou? Killing calves and mothers? I am all for controlled game hunting, but I feel like we have so many more options available to protect our caribou populations and I am not the only one feels this way.

    Thousands of British Columbians concerned about preserving moose populations as well as caribou have voiced their opposition to this announcement.
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    Wow, I am an extremely avid hunter and this is the most ludicrous thing I have every heard of. Not surprising one bit given the decisions the NDP has made in the past related to conservation in BC. Embarrassing really..
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    Village of Burns Lake council opposed to the cow moose and calf harvest

    One of the major arguments from the supporters of banning the cow moose hunt is that the moose population is just now starting to recover but they believe it is still a long ways away from fully recovering. Rensby adds to this saying that their basic argument would be, “if moose and wolves are so intertwined that killing moose would save caribou from wolves, why is it that moose numbers have been going down all across the province along with caribou, while wolves continue to climb?” Rensby, like other supporters of his cause, want the province to focus just on predator management instead of opting for alternative prey management.

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