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    @Test Pilot @chrisp.
    I've given all the functions a pretty good poke. I like the software, I've done 95% of my looking from my iPhone as this is where I mostly view the forum from. I've always used tapatalk but, I like the mobile layout and functionality, I can use this without tapatalk no problem.

    My only real beef is the fact I can't upload a larger than 1mb file from my phone photos. If you can increase that, awesome. Real time photos on reports from the scene would be great with photos from mobile devices.

    Secondly, I was unable to upload a pic from my phone into conversations which I was able to do on the old forum via tapatalk.

    One last thing, by default shut off all the notifications for users. Let them turn on what notifications they like.

    Other than that? Two thumbs up. Lots of new great functionality. I like the gallery (I really enjoy photos on the forum). I like the ability to add tags to posts for future search functionality.

    I vote you go for it!! :cool:
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