Kicker setup on a Trophy 2052 hardtop

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  1. Matt16

    Matt16 Member

    I have a long leg kicker mounted to a Panther liftable kicked bracket. The 20" leg cavitates in all waves, it's a problem. I intend on replacing with a XL leg. I don't have a good spot to mount a remote throttle for the kicker, so tiller might be my only option.

    I understand some guys prefer fixed kicker brackets and power tilting kickers to adequately trim the kicker for running. What's the benefit over a lifting bracket?

    Leaning towards Intellisteer Type R + remote for steering.

    Id like to hear input and ideas. I'd like to do this right.
  2. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Can’t you install a dual binnacle? Use one throttle for main the other for the kicker. The benefits to a fixed mount bracket and power tilt/remote start kicker is never bending over your stern and potentially falling overboard. Particularly in big seas. Running both motors from the helm is more convenient. You’ll be very happy with Intellisteer. I have it and it’s ideal for the West Coast. Oh and, properly designed fixed mount bracket allows you to completely tilt the motor up and out of the water. Some brackets don’t do that and the kicker drags a bit to get on step.
  3. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    On my 2002 trophy there Was room to put the remote behind the main remote. I never got to install it before I sold the boat but I have seen a few setup that way
  4. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Get a TrollMaster Pro3. Wireless remote kicker control. Probably your cheapest, easiest and most convenient option.
  5. Matt16

    Matt16 Member

    Are you suggesting Trollmaster serve as the only throttle control for the kicker?
  6. Matt16

    Matt16 Member

    I hadn't thought of the dual pinnacle.
  7. disco

    disco Active Member

    I have a 2052 hard top, 4.3 MPI Mercruiser that came with a with a Suzuki 9.9 long leg kicker on the port side of the transom. I have a raise/ lower kicker bracket that I found the right height setting for trolling and then I took it apart and removed the washers, springs etc and bolted it up solid in that position. I can manually tilt it out and it doesn't drag and when down and running heavy chop it will cavitate occasionally if I'm alone on the boat. With the extra weight of another guy on the boat it seldom cavitates. BTW if I run the kick hard in reverse it blows water against the transom and into the port side scupper and fills the port side fish locker. My shift/throttle is mounted on port gunwale and it sucks in that position, I'll be moving it somewhere more convenient. I also have an ez steer bar that also sucks and it is proving to be a worse problem to solve. Intellisteer looks like the only viable system. I would prefer a completely mechanical steering system if I can figure it out.
  8. Trophy

    Trophy Active Member

    Had the same kicker issue you are experiencing. Actually snapped the prop guard off by a sideways wave once. Had a manual lift kicker bracket to start, added a power tilt/trim to that which allowed me to raise the kicker completely out of the water. Not the prettiest setup but works. Presently detailing the boat then the to do boat list is to reengineer the two brackets into one power tilt/trim. Have been using a powtran wireless remote steering system for years and am extremely happy with it. Undecided whether to add remote throttle just yet.
    Hope my experience helps you...
  9. Matt16

    Matt16 Member

    Confirmed I have cable steering, so a second helm station is out, and my best option is Intellisteer or Python right?

    EZ Steer provides the benefit of the leg acting as a rudder, but I can't fish solo easily. Would it overload Intellister to use it to steer the kicker while the kicker is tethered to the main by EZ Steer?
  10. barkerfam

    barkerfam Well-Known Member

    I have a trophy 2002, your boat but with an outboard. One of the best upgrades I ever made was converting the main to hydraulic steering. A few years later I did the same to the kicker. I have a valve that I switch to determine which motor I’m steering. A few boat dollars, but overall boating and fishing experience exponentially improved.
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  11. Matt16

    Matt16 Member

    Looks like hydraulic steering on an Alpha 1 I/O isn't a practical option. I spoke with an engineer at Intellisteer and a mechanic and they've both told me that remote steering both the I/O and the kicker isn't possible for all practical purposes.

    Seems like my options remain EZ steer and Intellisteer.
  12. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I am adamantly apposed to remote steering now. Too many issues. Maybe an auto pilot would be great but only as a secondary option when conditions are nice. I really really REALLY like my rear helm for the kicker. It's so much more intuitive to steer a wheel. Especially with newbs on the boat.
  13. Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express Well-Known Member

    When you say "remote steering" you mean like an intellisteer fob type arrangement? I personally haven't used one, but I've always thought that it wasn't an intuitive setup. I think a hydraulic system with a wheel in the cockpit area is the way to go
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  14. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    yes exactly. And after having a friend (uncle) screw up the left vs right more than once, tangling gear because of it, I was happy to see it go.
  15. G-Auto

    G-Auto Member

    I have a 2352 with an XL shaft merc with electric tilt and a lifting bracket. To have it in the right spot I need the electric tilt to get the kicker out of the water with the bracket all the way up. I have remote steering and I never use it. I fish alone a lot so I don't mind sitting on the transom using the tiller handle. I'm right close to the down riggers and its easy to maneuver around.
  16. wildthing

    wildthing Well-Known Member

    i say poppy c**k....
    have 4.3
    ditched the power assit cable steering.... went Hdy and still used the merc ram on the inner gimbal housing ....
    just ran AW32 oil then istalled two 3 ways . so have a ram on the kicker so flip over to that when want to use the kicker and takes seconds to flip back to the main leg .... so use the helm wheel for both ....
    kicker throttle is on a servo tester i just dial in the speed i need . further down the line have added auto pilot ....
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