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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Roe Bags, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Roe Bags

    Roe Bags Active Member

    Another issue of Island Angler and another attack on Gear fisherman and Jet boats on the Stamp. I've read way to much of the above mentioned garbage splattered all over this once decent fishing newsletter. I can't believe this rhetoric is even published, a proposal by the self proclaimed spey fishing god himself to ban gear fishing in the upper Stamp! Its bad enough that he wines and wines about jet boat this and jet boat that, he is now caliing for a complete ban on gear fishing? Its nice to see that the "MadMan" himself Kenny Myers has the balls to write a letter to the Angler and stick up for us fellow GearHeads! There is a planned gay and spey being organized by this faciest group on the 7th of April, I for one am calling on all jet boat owners in the Alberni Valley to converge in the upper river on the above mentioned date! A full blown Jet Parade/Blockade to let these gentlemen know that we will not sit quietly by and let another great fishery go the way of the FLY!!:D
  2. Blackleech

    Blackleech Member

    Bags... I would have to agree with you on this. Save for a couple of stretches, the GCL arm and Money's is not good fly water except in low summer flows. If we classified it fly-only in the winter it would be a kelt floss-fest just like the upper Cowie. Not to mention this would concentrate gear fishermen and jet boats in the Falls below area which is already crowded enough. And the spey guys do think they're better than everyone else and I'm not sure why this is; a single-handed rod is much more of a challenge...
  3. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    I'm just curious how you think leaving this water open to gear would prove any better then fly only water?

    For the record I'm gear fisherman when it comes to steelhead, I just don't understand your logic?
  4. Blackleech

    Blackleech Member

    Good question poppa, actually it's much easier to floss with fly than with gear; anytime you are swinging a fly you have the flyline and leader on a horizontal plane. Because steelhead and salmon face upstream and in low flows pump water through their gills by opening and closing their mouths, this makes for a very high floss potential. Just ask the guys at Sooke Campground ;)
    Back to what Bags was saying though, changing it to fly only is not going to protect spawning steelhead, it will just focus more pressure on the rest of the river. I believe that the current closure of the GCL arm (Jan 1st - May31st?) to all fishing is sufficient to protect spawning fish.
  5. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    ya I understand how a fly swings, i've been fly fishing for 10+ years - but your statement still doesn't make any sense.

    If its open to all tackle the fly guys will still be able to floss spawners, by limiting it to fly fishing you at least have a reduction of pressure.

    I totally agree with the above though.
  6. mthornton

    mthornton Guest

    Thats gotta be the dumbest thing ive ever heard of. As long as theres fish why should one person be able to fish just because they like to use spey rods. Should we say the same thing about them? Ban spey rods and allow only fishing with gear. I find the topic absurd. Anyway I agree with what most others have been saying.
    Tight Lines
  7. fisherman14

    fisherman14 Member

  8. Mouthhouse

    Mouthhouse Member

    If I had the money I would rig my jet with a couch, a tv, an x-box, w/surround sound, and a beer fridge just set the rods, sit back and enjoy...now thats fishin!![:p]
  9. RVP

    RVP Guest


    Ban sleds! Ban Gear!

    Please bonk me now...sorry Courtney, but your article is way off base! Please call me on it, I would love to debate it with you. 250-713-9200 - robert@rvp.ca

    My concern with the whole issue as implied by Mr. O in his latest scribe within the pages of IA newspaper, is simple...from a business or personal stand point, why would you want to limit access to any angler who pays taxes, and is law biding and provides funds directly into the resource via lic. purchase and conservation contributions via stamps - he also contributes to the local economy of any or all areas of BC that he may visit while angling and also in the majority of cases now a days he/she may be an up and coming future member of the angling public, whether he/she be 6 yrs. or 60 yrs.

    By wrecklessly stating unprovable occurences in a public magazine such as IA and with such political glamour it is without a doubt one of the most damaging and hurtful articles that I have ever read.

    If in fact that there is warrant for such closeure or limited access opportunities due to conservation conserns - then please shut the whole fricken thing down to everyone including fly anglers - one and all or not at all...there is no in-between. No IN-BETWEEN!

    When I was a kid and did not know any better, I learned to snag all species of fish in the river with a fly rod and reel - flossing is snagging, although hard to prove by law that a fish did not bite your offering, as may be argued by many fishers it most certianly is not sporting -- fly anglers are by far the most lethal on the reasource if they understand the hydrolics of the flow. Is this method sporting? Or harvesting? Either is accomplish by each, fly or gear.

    Courtney, tisk, tisk! [V][xx(]

  10. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    well put, if the area needs protection close it.

    Besides, hardcore fly guys always wear those gay oversized cowboy hats - those should be banned from the river also.
  11. fisherman14

    fisherman14 Member

    exactly! poppa swiss! lol
    yea, sounds like an american thing to wear.
    man i hate seeing americans fishing here without guides.
    but i'm mostly refering to saltwater here. lol.
  12. islandboy

    islandboy Member

    I for one am glad forums like this are replacing magazines like Island Angler. :D Real fishermen discussing the sport instead of being dictated to by quasi journalists. [:eek:)] Empower the masses [8D]
  13. fisherman14

    fisherman14 Member

  14. Thunder

    Thunder Member

    Ah spey rods, maybe we should ban all fishing in B.C. Turn it into a big park where we can all pet the fish and give them treats. Maybe we should ban all fishing with boats and gear and only use an alder branch, some roots for line and a bone for a hook. Spey rods, where the hell did thy come from anyway.

    Let's get back to reality. We all work hard. Pay our taxes and user fees to enjoy what we do. The majority of us go fishing for to relax not to screw up the areas we fish.

    Fishing is about the way YOU can relax. Not the way some tells you how.
  15. Fish-Rite

    Fish-Rite Member

    Time too push back boys these guys are taking this too far.....i have a proposal what do you guys think.....Upper Cow fly only fine but lower Cow GEAR only dont want too see any fly flingers down there then!!!As far as Courtney goes this guy is way too much with his jet and gear bashing every month and naming every small up and down the island.Courtney if you dont like the stamp its simple champ stay home then and tie up some flys you miserable guy!!
  16. Bear

    Bear Member

    You know, "OPINIONS" are like "as*h*ls", everyone has one. Why would anyone assume that all Fly, Spey fishers are of the same opinion as one particular individual? If you have a difference of opinion then state it without attacking others.
  17. It is great to read so many justified(?) and varied opinions about topics that we all care about. However,what i am reading from you all is exactly why I frown down upon the current use of Jet Boats and who uses them on the Stamp/Somass/Sproat River system. That system is very small and ,if you are not aware, has a motor size restriction;rarely enforced. That regulation was introduced for ,...simply put to somehow reduce abuses that did occur in the not too distant past. As far as K.M.'s foolish and selfish rant posted in the IA paper ,many of us have many battle scares with cliffs,trees,broken bones and so on...what is his point??
    The irony of this is very simple,over the years there have been many gear fisherman who have asked me to speak to the situation of the Jet Boast users on the Stamp system and how could we achieve some kind of co-operation and good manners between all fishers. And since the issue has come to light it has steadily improved.
    If we are to have a fishery in the future we have to go well beyond this stupid accusing and pointing fingers..we have to think about the most important eliment of this friction...the Fish-Steelhead!</u>This is not about Fly Fishers,gear fishers and snaggers;it's about the fish. Put your energies into conservation,protect the spawning grounds,habitat,river banks . Is it important that we keep count of the numbers of fish we land? Is it important that some of you fish bait in a closed area , telling your "buds'with some imaginary vision of "Honour"that you hooked "18 fish today!"
    If you really want to see the past/future of Steelhead fishing unhindered by regulations;then simply fish the east coast of Vancouver Island. Ask the "old Steelheaders" why they don't fish anymore and you will hear the same thing"there aren't any fish and I can't use bait!" Human greed and selfishness has forever damaged the great runs of Steelhead..and all Salmon..
    Put your money where your mouth is and do something about it

    Courtney Ogilvie
  18. vince gee

    vince gee Guest

    Sorry Court i dont buy your last post at all....you talk about Ken's letter too Ia being selfish???How long have you been bashing guides and so called bait anglers on the sss??Month after month you make up lies and crap too try and turn anglers on these guides who do alot for the fishery helping with brood stock and lots of other stuff.This is a fact!What have you actually done Court but shamelessly self promote yourself and your spey fishing crap!Standing waist deep in swansons spey fishing is fine if thats what you want too do but dont tell us you pack out bags of used coffee cups that float down river from jet boats from guides that start there day just below the confluence!I dare you too tell these guys this too there face!I'll make a point of stopping by for a chat with you in swannys next December!!As someone else posted here if you dont like the said system stay home!Go spey fish the little q its got grat scenery!One last point court congrats on hooking 3 fish last year but if your such a conservationist why are you bragging about catching a 9 lb "silver Bullet" around some gear anglers?That fish looks like it might go 5 but anyway watch what you write it will bite you in the ass right threw your expensive waders!!
  19. Thank you for your reply........V.G.....Vision is a wonderful thing and I see that you are having some difficulty.....As a gear fisherman as well I am always disappointed at the debris left behind by fellow fishers. I do not bash the gear fishers,you SEE ,I bash the bad actions taken by Mostly gear fishers. Balls of messed up Mono left behind,wrappings from new spoons and gear, Bait containers,plastic containers with Borax and so many other things. Perhpas for you it isn't necessary to have a great envirionment but for me ,the way I SEE it,much of the appeal of fishing is about the experience...and this is what I write about.
    I too want to have a future where Fishing for is part of the picture , and I don't mind spending many hours protecting what I cherish to be a priveledge and not a right.
    I have had several discussions with K.M. about this topic and understand his issues.
    And by the way, I have carried many garbage bags of debris up from the Falls and Slide Pools over the years....and cleaned up areas of the Lower river...Have you? Or maybe you don't SEE
    Good fishing and keep it clean!
    Oh,my waders aren't expensive
  20. vince gee

    vince gee Guest

    Some points well taken Court....actually i dont mind your writeups some are quite good actually but then somewhere it deteriorates too boat bashing,gearheads and borish behaviours of stamp/somass jet guides then back too a decent article.Naming stream like the sarita and such does way more damage then some guys fishing hathery fish with bait in a sled!These guys were here guiding(most) long before you ever came out here from ontario and starting your self-righteous behavior.Finally Court your fly only proposal FORGET ABOUT IT noy gonna happen.
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