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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by profisher, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I wanted to ask everyone here for some feedback to help us with an organizational discussion we will be having this week. I was on the Port Alberni Salmon Festival website and noticed that they have 3 weigh stations. Only contending fish for the top prizes must be weighed in at Clutesi Haven Marina and any hidden weight fish may be weighed in at any of the three. We may be considering a similar format where any fish being entered only for our fish draw prizes could be weighed in at another station. My thoughts were to approach Jock's Dock in Sooke and Esquimalt Anglers in Victoria if we go this route. Obviously the positives are less of a late in the day lineup jam at Pedder Bay and those fishing in Sooke and Victoria wouldn't have to make the trip to Pedder unless they have a larger contending fish. Negatives for us include the need for more staff and compiling and getting the 3 sets of data to the banquet in a timely fashion. Would really like to hear from those who have not entered this derby before but who may with this change. Comments please.
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  2. Stosh

    Stosh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the hard work you and your committee members do to put on a great event.
    About 15 years ago, I fished the Port Alberni Derby held during the Labour Day weekend. I was lucky enough to catch a decent fish on Saturday morning at Swale Rock. Just before noon, I went in to weigh the fish in at Seabeam Lodge in Grappler Inlet near Bamfield. I was told that my fish would be in second place if I had weighed it in at the Official Weigh in station which was over 30 miles away at Clutesi Haven Marina. I decided to run it in. We made the 60+ mile return trip - thankfully fuel was cheap back then. Later that evening, I received a phone call (luckily We were in cell phone range) telling me that I was bumped out by a few ounces. I was also asked to come back and pick my fish up!!! I suggested they keep it until I went back on Monday to pull my boat out and head back to Victoria. Today that trip would cost me $150 - $200 for fuel, not to mention missing fishing time.
    Sure would have been nice to have an official weigh station out in Barclay Sound, since most of the contenders (back then) were coming in from the sound.
    If you need more than one weigh in station, why not use the same equipment at each location, have trustworthy people doing the weighing, and then send the info to the main location for processing.
    Just my 2cents
  3. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    I like the idea of multiple weigh in stations. It was my first time in the derby last year and we ran from james bay to past sooke, lol our own doing but a couple weigh in stations would alleviate the log jam at the weigh in station at the end of the day.
  4. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Using multiple scales for the leading contending fish would open a bigger can of worms when you have $20,000 on the line and a scenario of only a few tenths of an ounce difference in 1st and 2nd place. I know the guy in 2nd is going to question if the scales are exactly accurate and if his fish would have the same weight on all scales..... and the only way to guarantee that is using the same scale for all the contending fish. The actual weight of non contending fish is not important as those prizes are awarded by draw and the weight of the fish is irrelevant. That is why we are going to consider a couple more weight stations for those fish.
  5. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Personally keep it in one spot as you mentioned in your comments above Rollie I think your asking for more trouble keep it as simple as you can .
    its hard enough to get people to weigh fish on time as it is .... if there is a way of someone to cheat the rules or systems they will..... as you know!!!!
  6. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    If participants want to fish further away from the official weigh station, the risk is on the angler in terms of not making it back in time, extra fuel, less fishing time etc...

    Properly vetted, sanctioned and zero'd in weigh stations would definitely be a good a idea to maximize participation.
  7. Rayvon

    Rayvon Active Member

    I agree with you Rollie,any contending fish should be weighed on the same scale to avoid any argument about how accurate the multiple scales may be.Most people have cell phones or can get info over their VHF to see if their fish is worth running into Pedder to contend for the top spots.I would have no problems with what your suggesting and can see how it would benefit others.Thanks for keeping the best derby on the island going.
  8. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    I'm with Wolf... Keep it simple.
    One way in Station has worked for all years in the past. Multiple stations was never necessary for the original JDF Derby that ran successfully for 25 years and had more participants.

    Also you said it yourself "Negatives for us include the need for more staff and compiling and getting the 3 sets of data to the banquet in a timely fashion."

    *Getting Volunteer Staff is one of the hardest things from the organizers position... Delays at the Banquet is one of the biggest complaints from Derby Participants.

    Having a smaller boat, I run west on Saturday because time allows but fish out of Cheanuh on Sunday to give me the most fishing time before weigh in.
    It's just part of being in a Derby.

    Simple is best for everyone.

  9. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for all the effort putting on the tournament. We fished it two years ago, skipped last year and on the fence for this year. I agree with one station, it is always a fun decision to run in or not, fish Sheringham or not. Maybe to reduce the line add a scale on the last day for those weighing in non-contenders, at the one location.

    Also what are the thoughts on having a one day tournament? We have three fathers of kids a little to small for the derby in my boat. In a year or two they might be old enough for a one day tourney and right now it ain't easy to get mommas approval for the two days ;)
  10. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    SVIAC will once again put on the one day Kiss My Chinook Derby on the Saturday of the Father's Day weekend in June. There has always been a derby on that weekend and the board decided to run a simpler derby to protest the DFO early restrictions and the short notice of those restrictions. ( such short notice that it makes it impossible to run the much larger and more involved tournament on that weekend at this time). Tickets for that derby should be ready along with the JDf tickets for the Victoria Boat Show.
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  11. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    Many great points for and against. Having fished the PA derby for 40 years, I can remember the discussion around moving to multiple weigh stations. My dad, a devout Polly's Pt + Abe and Al + Herring Strip fisherman was livid :) However, once it was determined that all contenders had to go to one station, he settled somewhat. I agree with all those who support the one station for a contender. No machines can zero 100% parallel. Although the chances of a split decision are rare, why chance it? As stated, it is up to the angler as to where he or she wants to fish, knowing the distance and time required to travel.
  12. calmsea

    calmsea Well-Known Member

    While it is correct that its solely the angler's responsibility however offering spread out weigh in stations would allow spreading of the fishing fleet which makes for much more relaxed fishing conditions. I for one hate the combat style when 50 boats cram into Possession Pt. for instance. You may be able to attract more participants down the road if fishing was pleasant. If I get yelled at a dozen times, fish cut off, threatened, almost run over and rammed several times a day believe me I have no more interest in paying $150 a ticket. And neither would I convince friends or family to participate. For what it's worth.
  13. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Don't do it Rollie. 3 weigh stations is nightmare. Just ask Chris 73 he knows. Its hard just running one as it is. Keep it simple.
  14. Reel Gone

    Reel Gone Member

    While I support the thought of 3 stations and 1 only for the contenders, could there be issues with say hidden weight prizes and such?
  15. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    The fish draw prizes which represent 50% of the total prize value given away are won simply registering a catch and then being drawn for a prize. The fish weight of those entries is irrelevant and have no bearing on winning a prize. We do have a hidden weight and hidden time prizes. The weight of the hidden weight prize is obviously important.
    Thanks guys for the comments...it appears most are siding with the boards recent decision to go with just the single weigh station this year. There will be some changes at the weigh station to speed up the weigh in process when the crowds show up at the end of each day. (we hope)
  16. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    We have just confirmed that we have a new naming sponsor for the event. The Oak Bay Marine Group has joined with us to help us make this fishing tournament even better. This seems to be a perfect fit for us as the tournament official weigh scale and headquarters for the tournament weekend have always been held at Pedder Bay Marina, which is an Oak Bay Marine Group property. We are very happy to have them onboard this year. The Oak Bay Marine Group is solidly behind SVIAC and the Sooke net pen project. With them now supporting the Juan De Fuca Fishing Tournament as the naming sponsor it will help us sell the event out and maximize the proceeds to the project. BTW...the net pens have been transported down from Campbell River and are now in Sooke. Jenkins Marine has been very generous and have allowed us to store the net frames on their property. They have also indicated they are willing to help us get them assembled and into the water, saving us crane costs. We have been told that our Nitinat smolts will be trucked down to us in the first week of May. We have invited the many whale watching companies who have been very generous with donations to this project to help us tow the pens over to their final berth where the Chinook salmon will be pumped into them. The TV media will be there to follow up on the story as well and this should help us raise even more funds to help us with increased production in the coming years. The Juan De Fuca Fishing Tournament is the one major contributor of funds to the Sooke net pen project. It is very important to this effort that we sell the tournament out. SVIAC is committed to making sure recreational fishers have access to our fishery and that there will always be fish to catch. This project is the first we have undertaken along that path. As sports fishermen it is now up to you to support that goal. Tickets are available online at www.jdfderby.ca where you can use a credit card or at our retail outlets for cash sales. (Sidney Home Hardware, Trotac Marine, Island Outfitters, Alpine Marine and Eagle Eye in Sooke)
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  17. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Just a heads up that our Sooke sea pen is in the water and was supposed to have been towed over to the Sooke harbour Resort docks today. With some strong winds today the tow was put off until tomorrow. The fish arrive on May 2nd or 3rd.
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  18. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    I'm just now finding some free time to get around again to our many generous sponsors and see how they intend to help and support us this year. The sponsors listed on the tournament website homepage should start to fill in the coming couple of weeks as I get those details confirmed. I can tell you that Sherwood Marine has donated a 9.9 Yamaha high thrust again this year as has SG Power Products. Those are two very generous sponsors who have been with us from the beginning and continue to support us in a big way. I just received a complete Seastar hydraulic steering system with 24 foot hoses from Seastar in Vancouver. Seastar is a new sponsor this year and they went big to as this system retails for over $2,200.00. Bradley Smoker is once again supporting us with one of their 4 tray digital smokers. Milt down at Mercury Sales in Victoria is with us again this year and has generously offered us a very nice outboard stand/dolly made to handle all outboards including long shaft engines. Coast Reels has very generously donated 3 of their DR 1.0 mooching reels which are worth $600.00 each. They have also indicated that as a new corporate sponsor of SVIAC they are willing to give SVIAC members a $100 discount on those same reels. Peetz Outdoors have stepped up again this year and are donating one of their new engraved mooching reels and a Peetz rod. I've included a couple of pictures of a couple of today's donations. Stay tuned for much more.
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  19. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint in Victoria is once again supporting our tournament. They were a first time sponsor last year and participated as a platinum sponsor. This year they are a platinum sponsor by way of a cash donation but this year they have increased their support by adding an additional prize. They are throwing in an automotive paint package up to $2,500.00 done at their shop! I'm sure a few of you have a blast from the past sitting in your garage or shop needing a fresh paint job. This will be great prize for someone.
  20. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Today I confirmed that Howie's Car Corral is back as a bronze sponsor. Finest At Sea is also returning and will donate some fish processing certificates as well as supply us with any ice we may need during our event. I dropped by Cap-It in Langford and picked up the Grizzly 150 cooler worth $700 they have donated and they then threw in a 10 X 10 tent for us to use at Pedder Bay Marina to shade the ladies who collect fish for the Sooke Food Bank. We will then give it away as a prize. Here are a few more items I now have in my possession. There are 2 of the Cannon Mag 10 electric downriggers.

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