[John Duncan, MP] For whom the Bell tolls?

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  1. Sushihunter

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    For whom the Bell tolls?

    Courier-Islander January 5, 2011

    Well that puts a different twist on things. Or maybe not. Catherine Bell's exit from federal politics brings to an end what has been one of the closest riding battles in the country for the last three elections.

    Bell, former MP and NDP federal candidate for the Vancouver Island North riding, has quit to spend more time with her business. And that puts all sorts of spins on what could happen when a federal election is called.

    The key, of course, will be who the NDP chooses to run against incumbent MP and Minister for Indian Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan. And the other key will be who runs for the Liberals and if that party can garner more support than it did during the last election on the North Island.

    Duncan's ministerial appointment could only be weighed as a good thing for him and the Conservatives locally and it would have been interesting to see how much it might have meant had he and Bell fought it out for the fourth time.

    But while Duncan's ministerial good fortunes may mean more votes from some sectors, he could be in trouble because of the actions of a completely different ministry - that of Fisheries and Oceans.

    Its handling of the light house de-staffing was abysmal, its almost scared approach to aquaculture is itself scary and its position on fisheries allocation - especially halibut - affect a whole realm of voters who could bring him down - minister or not.

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    Previous poll question: Should we drop the voting age to 16? 87% said no.

    New question:
    Will John Duncan win the North Island in the next election if he runs?

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  2. Sushihunter

    Sushihunter Active Member

    I wouldn't be too quick to want Bell back. As an opposition member she was not able to get much done for us in Vancouver Island North.

    If you want influence with the government (who will probably be a majority government after the next electiion), then Duncan is in a prime situation as a new Minister of the Crown.

    Like it or not, Duncan is our best bet here. He knows west coast fishing and he fishes out of Tahsis with friends of mine each year. The trick is to inform him that it is in his own best interest to take our side in this debate and inform the Fisheries Minister and lobby her for us.

    The only other option is to get some Liberal/NDP no-name who will never be heard from in Ottawa.
  3. tofinofish

    tofinofish Guest

    Agreed Jim,

    Duncan needs to get onside so he and Lunney can move the message forward to Ottawa with far more strength. Other options/parties of representation won't have much strength with the house or Minister.
  4. fisher69

    fisher69 Member

    Duncan has done exactly what he should have done... nothing. At the beginning of the Stanier process (backed by the deputy) both groups SFAB and PHMA agreed not to take this political but to find a solution. MP's and MLA's were left out of it. It was the SFAB that tried to take this political before the end of the process so I wouldn't be surprised if they get a little slap for it. Had the SFAB put more effort into being progressive instead of stamping their feet, there would probably be a solution that is not perfect for either group but would have worked.

    That being said I take my hat off to Duncan for not giving in to the bullying tactics of the SFAB and SFI.
  5. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    Different reality in 2003 that 2011 isn't it.

    Guess ya know where you can stick that hat now that you've taken it off!!!
  6. fisher69

    fisher69 Member

    Very different reality. Too bad the SFAB couldn't be bothered to attend any meetings when there was fish around. Perhaps we would not be in such a mess.
  7. OldBlackDog

    OldBlackDog Well-Known Member

    This guy is so full of shit that it is unbelieveable.

    Remember this is all about his living and he will tell you whatever he thinks and it will have nothing to do with the truth.

    The commercial group has no ethics on this and will tell you anything to make you believe their side.
  8. Ding Dong!

    Ding Dong! Guest

    I would like to understand the issue better, can anyone please point me to documents that show Commercial fisherman receiving free access or "GIFTED" or free quota access for halibut or any other species. I'd also be interested in discovering where my rights and opportunities in common have been diminished, please help me discover this discriminatory action faced unto Canadians. Without the full truth, a half or quarter truth can not be sorted the same as could the full truth be, and nor should any truth be recognized as anything less, whether real or assumed it is not more or less than that which has been proven. I proclaim that all sectors name and take DFO before the Supreme Court of Canada in order to shorten a long drawn out battle. At this point will anything be deemed substantial with anything less than the action to which it was meant? Education and action, that is what is now necessary, we must be informed.

    Ding Dong!
  9. fisher69

    fisher69 Member

    your right. the commercial sports sector has no ethics, half truths and bs from the travelling circus. This is about filling lodges and oak bays ability to rake a few more million in off the backs of true sports fishermen, with no reguard for the halibut resource or if it impacts the true rec fisherman.
  10. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    I don't think you stuffed that hat in as far as you should have...

    Seriously, you donkey's can quit trying to split the fisherman up. You are PIGS if you can't comprehend the fact that we as citizens of this country are entitled to that resource. I respect the men on the water. Thats as far as it goes. If you ain't fishin' it....

    Charter fisherman are not the enemy. Greedy money hogging pigs and undemocratic policys are.

    Get this one and watch the crab fishery, prawn fishery, EVERY fishery be turned over to these greedy bastards.
  11. Fish-Hunter

    Fish-Hunter Active Member

  12. Ding Dong!

    Ding Dong! Guest

    I will take a second to apologize for all of humanity for what Osama Bin Hopper just wrote and I will offer the thought that no human being is entitled to anything on this earth. We all are engaged in the directed fishery under license, therefore we act under privilege. My feeling is that the Government and court will be the only remedy that we should seek. Fighting individuals will not offer any change what so ever, the sooner that everyone recognizes this, the sooner it will be that we can all resolve the issue.

    Ding Dong!
  13. Fish-Hunter

    Fish-Hunter Active Member

    I agree, albeit a very limited priveledge in regards to the Halibut % of TAC available to the Recreational Sports Fishing licences.

    I can see some logic to this approach, however I do fear that this would stretch out for years and years, costing LOTS of MONEY and TIME. What we need for this approach is a fastrack means to force the Government and court to make an adjustment/decision to the current Halibut TAC allocation to Sporties and Commercials. We need to force their hand so to speak.

    By the way, I have to ask, Ding Dong! are you a lawyer by chance?? Have read a few of your posts and some of your lingo kinda has that official ring to it. Had to ask. If you are, can you advise us all of a sure way to call the Goverments and courts attention to this matter.
  14. Lannychaisy

    Lannychaisy Guest

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  15. Fish-Hunter

    Fish-Hunter Active Member

    Lanny you are right this is not related to what we are talking about. We already have real jobs, and if we were looking on the internet for a job, we would not be looking on a fishing forum for a Network Marketing job. Thanks but if I may speak for everone on this one, We are not Interested, and please do not solicit again. If you want to talk fishing then fill your boots, if not then Good-bye.
  16. Ding Dong!

    Ding Dong! Guest

    Hear, here!

    Thank you,
    Ding Dong!
  17. Sushihunter

    Sushihunter Active Member

    This is a SPAM message - nothing more.

  18. fisher69

    fisher69 Member


    Best sit down and have a beer before you have a jammer. Personal attacs are not required because some of us have a difference of opinion. there is more than enough fish in our 12% if the oak bays on this coast are required to acccess commercial quota. Even if they have to aquire a percentage relative to the number of non-canadian paying individuals they cater to, would free up lots of fish.. These larger players have been taking fish from the little guys for years and laughing while they do it. Close to 500,000 lbs (or more) were taken by these lodges on OUR backs just last year. If the math on here is right that is over $2.5mill a year of FREE access for these money hungry lodges.

    After spending the last 10yrs sports fishing on the northern west coast(Kyuquot) we have seen first hand what the increase in effort has done to our fish. We had lots of fish around springer island and few boats. Now you can go there get in the circle of 20-40 (mostly guided) boats and spend the day trying to catch one fish. The halibut and rockfish have been beat down and we have to go farther and farther to catch a fish. There are also a couple of US boats that have "Friends" show up every 3-4 days and fill the coolers and then leave. How about we clean our fishery up to where it is respectable and then see how much more fish we need.

    And moderators plese do something about Lanny from Nigeria.
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  19. fishingbc

    fishingbc Active Member

    no is gonna be buying quota off of anyone......it's never gonna happen......commercial recreational .....nice try.....everyone single person boarding a lodge or guide boat has purchased a tidal water angling license and is entitled to catch his or her limit regardless of where they are from......japan, Italy, Alberta, b.c. Or Afghanistan.....this same old line of "commercial recreational" is gettin real old real fast and everyone is seeing right through the BS......the fish belong to me, you, my mother, my kids, their kids, not 400 some odd lottery winners.....who's running the show the supreme court OR dfo....
  20. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    You are right, personal attacks aren't necessary, I just get a bit riled.

    I just don't see it your way. All the guides are doing is taking sports fisherman fishing. They are not retaining those pounds for the lodges, they are facilitating the angler to catch them.

    I do agree that increased pressure has changed some of the bottomfishing spots, certainly pertaining to rockfish, and halibut to a degree. I fish my halibut in different spots than most of the fleet out here because of that, but I find that if a guy can read a chart and stay away from the high traffic areas, the halibut fishing is incredible! If more people did this rather than scooping coordinates and only fishing them, I don't think you'd see the same thing. That said, I'd be surprised to find out that they never longline at Springer Island and that the blame would lie entirely with the sport fleet...

    As for the U.S. visitors taking out their 'friends'... you can well imagine what I think of that one!

    Even the big lodges that are taking lots of Yanks out - those guys pay a much heavier license fee so not sure they need to be penalized further?

    Thanks for being more civil than I, appreciate it my friend.

    And get rid of Lanny the terd!
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