ISO - 10' Camper for $5-7K

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    If anyone is considering selling their camper, or know of a seldom used one that might be available, send me a msg. Have spent the last 2 months doing the usual sites and have not seen one that meets $ needs and is in reasonable condition. They are either sub $3000 and water-logged, $10,000 for a 'handyman special', or more pricey than we need.

    Looking for a 9.6 - 10.6 camper with:

    toilet/shower (dry or wet)
    working appliances (stove, fridge, oven)
    no (or only minor) leaking - especially around jacks and seams
    manual jacks are okay as long as operable

    Looking to spend between 5 and 7 thousand so vintage not important if condition is okay. Would prefer ti to be on the island but if one appears on the mainland, then a road trip would be in order...including the states if the price range worked out. If there is anyone that can help, please advise. Thanks.
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    IMG_1849.PNG I have a 2006 Lance that is 8'6" but a bit higher than your price range. Bought it new used it maybe 12 times then moved off Island. It was kept in a covered car port since 2009 other than the last 4 months and used only twice since then.....don't ask. Always had heat in it and a fan while stored with cushions removed. It's a 10/10 except the shower yellowed a bit from he light coming through the sky light but fixable I believe. Can send more info in you pm me. $12000.00

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    IMG_1854.PNG IMG_1853.PNG IMG_1852.PNG Some more pics from the summer...
  4. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    Thanks for the offer, Greg - looks like a 10/10 as described. We are really trying to stay in the price range so will let you know later if our lotto ticket bears fruit :)
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