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    Inspecting my engine (head, block) internal anodes (3 of them) and one was fully crusted up. I know this is normal and it's part salt and calcium build up. However, when cleaning the build up, chunks fell inside which was impossible to avoid. Where did the chunks fall to? Should i be concerned? After i was done with the inspection and cleaning. , i flushed the motor from a large tub.

    Disclaimer: not my photo but gives idea what I was doing .

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  2. gungadin

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    Only one place for those to fall, bottom of the engine, where they could just sit or move around and possibly block cooling passages. You could get lucky and they could get discharged, but remember the coolant flow is from the pump upwards, so the chunks generally speaking have to go through the block before going out the exhaust. You may find that your telltale will plug up and you will need clean it out with a piece of wire periodically. Depending on your motor, you may be able to remove your thermostat temporarily to allow more coolant flow. There are various commercial solutions and some home made ones that could help dissolve these chunks and flush them from the system.
    In the short term I would monitor for engine overheating.
    In a worst case scenario you may have to remove some cooling covers and the head to access the cooling passages.
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  3. Matthew S.

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    Ok thanks, I feel reassured. The chunks that fell inside the engine were crusty powdery not an actual chunk of anode. I feel it will dissolve over time if not already. I do a vinegar flush with a tub 3 times a season so should be good to go! Thank you for your response

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