Interior Cabinet bank.

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  1. Willywonka

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    First off this forum has been such a great resource! So thank you!

    I have a question regarding the galley cabinets you see on Kingfisher (and the like) Pilot house boats.

    I’ve redone my pilot house interior and I’m looking to buy a cabinet bank with drawers, countertop, storage etc. Nothing overly big. Is there a shop that sells these? Are they all custom made?

    I called Kingfisher and the price was many thousands of dollars.

    I’m pretty handy and can adapt one to fit if anyone knows of a used cabinet bank?

    it’s the last thing to do on the boat and i can’t wait to go fishin!!
    Thanks all
  2. Foxsea

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    The problem is that typical cabinet materials, hardware, fabrication and installation methods are not suitable in a marine environment. Also, shop built, modular cabinets would still need to fit through the narrow cabin door.

    I would find a small, custom cabinet shop that has some experience in furniture construction and give them a dimensioned sketch of what you are looking for. I would not be surprised if the price is in the $ thousands.
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    Welcome to boat ownership- B-O-A-T = Break Out Another Thousand.

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