Interesting Conversation on the State of our Fish Stocks


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After pulling our boat out at Salmon Point Marina yesterday some guy drives up and the following conversation takes place.

Him: Hey, you know where that boat should be?

Us: In your driveway?

Him: No, I have a boat, you should go to Haida Gwai

Us: Oh, were you there?

Him: Ya, came home with 500 lbs. of spring fillets

Us: Oh, that's a lot of fish (trying to do math in head and it's not working out)

Him: Ya, you get the natives to write you a letter and you can take as much home as you want.

Us: Oh, really, no thanks

Him: Let me know and I can set you up

Us: Speechless

Maybe just a big blowhard, but if not, we are fighting a losing battle at all level.


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I once watched a guy (tourist) cleaning the salmon for the natives off the rocks at moricetown and loading them into the back of his car trunk....he had a large green garbage can full of fillets. I was young at the time and didn't think anything of it.... with the ways the laws are now it's probably legal... sickening.


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Seems like a story.... I really can't see that. If people ask for letters to keep more fish than that's a new low, and wins the darwin award...


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I think the guy would have taken too much regardless of the letter. I don't think the letter would have done him any good either. Wouldn't you need some sort of receipt for having that much salmon? Proof of purchase off a commercial boat, legally caught, and in fillets? Would be an interesting day in court.


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I can guarantee you he wasn't an undercover cop. Maybe fisheries, but not likely that either. I have good reason to be sure of that.