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Discussion in 'Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood' started by Rockfish, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    I picked up a Gotham Steel Indoor Electric Grill on sale and am very impressed with it. As I live in a Condo with an Association that does not allow outdoor cooking/barbecues this is as close as we can get to the barbecue taste and look and it does a really great job. It really does produce that grilled/barbecue look and taste rather well and chars the meat and vegetables nicely. The metal drip tray is designed to have water in it, which keeps the smoke very low as there are no flare ups. I use it on the stove with the high cfm fan/hood on. With the titanium and ceramic no stick ultra tough coated grill plate it is unbelievably easy to clean in no time under the tap, and the frame and drip tray go in the dishwasher, I no longer feel as deprived that I can’t have an outdoor barbecue and for well under a $100. on sale.
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  2. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    You selling these things?! Lol
  3. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    Nope just missed not having an outdoor barbecue and happy to find something that does a decent job of replacing it.

    I have also picked up a Breville Smoking Gun (wood smoke infuser) system which allows you to cold smoke and add real smoke flavour to food indoors without filling the place up with smoke. The Strata counsel won't let me have an outdoor smoker either although my friends smoke up salmon for me. I have not tried it yet, so no review but am hoping in combination with the Grill I should be able to produce some OK smokey Barbecue and other goodies.. Apparently bartenders also use these to add real smoke flavor to certain drinks.
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  4. fish brain

    fish brain Active Member

    I have one of the Gotham pans. It worked GREAT for the first month or so. Now I cant cook anything without it sticking to the pan. I'm chucking it out and going back to the old cast iron
  5. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yup...father in law gave us the 'second' frying pan he got free when ordering his first. It is marked up with stains and I was soaking right away after after a couple months you have to cook with oil or things stick.

    The 90 day guarantee seems planned quite well. :(
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  6. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I have a number of the Gotham Steel Products and will pay close attention as I use them for loss of performance overtime. My frying pan has about 6 months worth of wear/use and the coating still looks like new but I am very careful with it. I have noticed a tiny amount (about 4% of surface area) of a hint of color sticking on the barbecue/grill after a month of rather heavy use which takes a little bit of very light scrubbing and from you feedback may well get worse over time. Generally the black stuff washes right off with the light use of a wash cloth which is better than most barbecues/grills. I would still be happy with it even if it had no coating, as it allows me to approximate the taste and color/charring of an outdoor barbecue which I am not permitted by the strata council. If you want the coating to last don’t subject it to temps. above 500 degrees, don't spray it with anti-stick spray and be very gentle with them - no abrasives.

    The paperwork and packaging which came with my Gothem steel Ti-Cerm. clearly states “Lifetime replacement warranty”, at least on the ones I have. They also have an agreement included in the purchase that restricts both parties to arbitration only, so you can’t sue them.

    Non stick cookware coatings are definitely evolving and have improved overtime and I have used most of them. They are not indestructible yet and probably never will be and all non stick coating seem to degrade over time. I am sure most remember the early soft teflon type that would scratch and peel off and ones using PTFE/PFOA and PFOS for which their may be some concerns about health issues. The ceramic coated ones like Green Pan were a major step forward for health but can get discoloration and reduced sticking resistance over time and there is the further advance of adding metal to the ceramic, (copper or titanium) with titanium being the best so far. Paderno also makes a three layer coating system which while expensive seems to stand up on their well made heavy aluminum frying pans.

    The only thing I like about the Gothem Steel frying pans is the coating and the warranty. Everything else about them is cheep, especially the thickness of the aluminum on the bottom. There is also a gap of about an 8th of an inch of un-coated aluminum on the edge between the inside coating and outside coating which can corrode white Al oxide, particularly if you wash them in the dishwasher on the heated, heavy duty options. One wonders why they did not coat right up to the edge of the bottom coating. I would like Gotham frying pans better if they would use the Ti-Cerm. coating over the whole surface of the frying pan except for the bottom like Pandero does and made the Al. pan itself to the same quality (thickness) as the Pandero – call it the pro-series, for which I would be willing to pay more.

    That said I have no issues with Gothem's other products so far, especially the heavy oven grill trays and cookie sheets which are a major improvement over the crap non stick cookie sheets I was using before - now 40% bare steel with a hint of rust. We will have to see what happens to the coating with time. After a year or so perhaps I will take some pictures.

    If you want some dam good french fries without deep frying, go to Costco and pick up a bag of Cavendish Farms Fast’nCrispy coated Thin Cut Fries and cook them in the oven using the Gothem Steel Ti-Cerm. Crisper basket system - like air frying. Walmart has a good price on the coated crisper basket and tray.
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  7. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    I see that 'defective' constitutes a replacement but there is only a 90 day return policy. I'd be curious to know if my pan is considered 'defective' after 90 days, as to date I am only about 60 days. Father in laws is in the same shape. Lots of varying reviews and results on YouTube.

    Went to sear a salmon filet in this around Xmas (30ish days in).....and yup, it stuck.

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  8. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Oh that sucks I wanted one of those
  9. fish brain

    fish brain Active Member

    On TV they show them using a metal egg beater in the pan "you cant scratch it" well mine is scratched and looks like Pippens. No better than the PFTE/PFOA pans in my opinion. Although I must admit I was taken in by the ads.
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  10. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    @Rockfish may have better luck with the indoor grill as originally posted. Look forward to hearing more.

    I have a BBQ outside but when raining sideways I have a ceramic grill plate (for inside) which still needs to be oiled. It is top end and performs kind of well.
  11. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    These work great also, just another option ... puts on some nice grilled marks and flavour, you can max out the heat with these guys
    for a quick sear.
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  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    2 weeks later and mine looked way worse than in my picture above. Busted out the baking soda and white vinegar (sprinkle a decent amount of soda and add a cup on vinegar to remove cooked on stuff) to see if I could restore it, scrubbed with a scotch brite and it looks great......but it Definitely has pitting which is now quite visible.

    So yes for those looking to scratches and pits after a few months and sh*t DOES stick after a while. Given that some seem to have various success if it's like other things out of China and the metal is inconsistent in various production runs?

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