increased fish mortality due to highly alkaline lake water

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    Interesting read. Thanks for posting.

    I pretty much quit fishing for steal head and have turned my effort over to freshwater lake triploid stocking programs and i wish more people would follow me in this compromise. However, I feel that for every person that makes this switch, as I have, there is just one more person waiting in line doing pushups, getting ready to go after those wild steal head.

    I can't say enough good things about the triploid trout fishery in the interior and the new efforts that are just getting off the ground on the island.
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    A few years ago there was a move to introduce Lahontan cutthroat trout into high alkalinity lakes in BC. This particular strain can withstand high pH levels other trout can't. Apparently permit approvals stopped this initiative but perhaps its time for the FWFSBC to have another look at this option ...
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    Would be awesome to have lahontan cutts those things are beautiful tanks. I've caught some in California and they were excellent eating as well.

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