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    I know there was a thread about using drones and all that to capture the Fraser river slaughter, I hope it’s still in the works. I thought I would make a thread for all of us who have pictures of what in river netting can do to a run. Here’s one we’ve all seen from the somas and another from the gold. The hope of this thread is to spread awareness to the general public regarding the damage nets in our rivers can do.

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    Those pics are from authorized and legitimate FSC fisheries. That was a communal fishery where the fish were divided up and shared amoung the community members. I will go out on a limb and suggest that if you want to make an issue out of in-river fisheries, pick examples of illegal and unauthorized activity.
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    as usual - I always appreciate your careful, insightful and honest posts, searun.

    For me: I really don't care if it was any type of those perceived "evil" nets - or hook and line - or dynamite: what matters is how many fish are taken in all fisheries as compared to what we want back on the spawning grounds.
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    I have pictures of the Musqueam Band in Vancouver stringing nets on pillars. Upon arriving back at the boat launch the nets were out of the water from the low tide... many sockeye left cooking in the air to rot. Horrible and lazy practice. Unattended nets should be illegal.
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    like it or you don't is part of the future of the fisherys management of runs ..
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