Important Victoria & Area SFAB Halibut Mtg Nov. 27

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  1. searun

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    The end goal is to fish to the TAC. Our TAC is set by international agreement at the IPHC. DFO does not set Canada's TAC. Your not getting more until the abundance of halibut increases - and that is not happening based on the trends we are seeing at present. If you want to shoot yourself in the foot and catch as many as quickly as you can, and force an early closure the only people you hurt are those who planned their vacations later in the season. When its gone, its gone.

    As I have stated before, if there is a group of people on this forum that actually want to take the reins and raise the capital and have the time to start a campaign - please do! The usual folks that are tossed under the bus for not doing this or that are a little over-subscribed on the large stack of issues impacting our fisheries at this moment in time...please, someone step up.
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    If that is the case the dfo better buy a whole bunch of fin clipping machines.
  3. SerengetiGuide

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    Come on. End goal is to fish our TAC?! Pat!! To come from someone so involved in the process and that’s our end goal. Joke! Our end goal should be to get 25%!!!! That SO ****ing sad to hear you of all people say that. Honestly probably one of the comments that have made me most mad / sad on this forum. No wonder we are sitting at 15%
  4. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Then do something about it....a lot of brave talk. Lets see some action. The reality is we have a set TAC, that is what we have...the rest of this BS is just that. Speculation that will do nothing. The moment I see someone stepping up to get the ball rolling on your 25% goal, is the moment I will buy you a drink. Beer bet that no one steps up.
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  5. SerengetiGuide

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    Sfab is the one with direct access to the minister. They should be stepping up!!! And damn rights in the future I hope to be a big part of that. If I could fly to Ottawa and talk with him damn rights first thing I’d bring up along with srkw BS. But for you to say our goal it to fish our ****ing TAC! That is a JOKE! That’s our goal...literally status quo. Somethings you say I can agree with but this is the biggest slap in the face to all sportsfishermen I've read on this forum!!!! PERIOD! Anyone who thinks that’s ok you said that is not an advocate for sport Fishing! That’s what I have issue with...what you stated as our goal as president of a prominent group and “high up” in sfab. Makes sense now why we get taken.
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  6. Derby

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  7. ziggy

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    No need to fly to Ottawa for direct access, the Minister must have a Constituency Office in North Vancouver! Not sure how hard it would be to get an appointment, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t taking any.
  8. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Nothing stopping YOU from getting involved to lead the fight. Stop taking pot shots, and start actually DOING something! Here's some data to get you started. Notice that other Areas have significantly more recreational catch as a percentage of the overall pie. Note also that the SFAB process ISN'T a lobby group. You are not understanding the role of the SFAB - its to provide "advice" to the Minister on the rec fishery, not to LOBBY. You need to focus your energy into creating an ADVOCACY group that can take this thing you want forward. This forum isn't a proxy for actually getting involved, getting off your butt and taking action. Looks like when you say "SFAB is the one with direct access to the minister." "They should be stepping up???" that your not understanding the role of the SFAB, and your NOT understanding that some of these other groups your trashing on here are up to their eye balls fighting a lot of issues at the moment. What we need is for you to stop flogging the dead horse, and start actually taking on RESPONSIBILITY to take action. Beer bet you won't sadly. And, I very honestly hope you take steps to gather in people on this forum who want ACTION, and lead it.

    There are people who can support you, but we need HELP, not arm chair critics.

    Have a's a little ammo for you to start ADVOCATING for a fair share of Canada's Halibut Allocation - as you can see other jurisdictions treat their rec fisheries significantly better.


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  9. Fishtofino

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    Our last SFAC meeting they admitted they were changing to this policy in the long run with a total wild fish release
  10. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Yep I think the day of 100% marking of hatchery fish is coming. That is overdue.
  11. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    We need total marking of all hatchery production fish....
  12. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    Americans will love us they will get their wild fish back and get to harvest our hatchery fish in their mark selective only fisheries.

    But I ageee we have to do it if we want to retain our year around opportunities for chinook

    Especially if the allocation policy changes and we loose our Prioity over coho and chinook.
  13. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    We’ve already lost the priority to the First Nations
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  14. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    Agreed. DFO could give a rat's ass how we use "our" quota.
    BUT, their political masters certainly do care about intense public pressure, and especially so when directed at them.
    And I do believe there are enough of "us" to force the issue if we put in an honest effort...

    Given the current composition of the SFAB, I do not doubt for a second what you say.
    After all, is it not currently comprised of 3/4 or better recreational "business" interests when all is said & done?
    And isn't the vested interest of that group focused on maximizing time on the water with clients (aka "opportunity") over damn near anything else? And does that not make them entirely against any action that might threaten their "bottom line"? Fairly obvious which way they are going to vote...

    That being the case, is the SFAB actually acting in the best interests of the Entire recreational sector, or simply the business aspect thereof? Can a case not be made for using up the assigned quota in a fair and equitable manner (not full bore, but with given Realistic limits / constraints) rather than relying on ever increasing restrictions to keep "us" within the numbers"? Can you not see the point that the Politicos, DFO and general public see zero reason to support increasing our pittance when we year after year make sure it is "sufficient" to provide a full length season?

    Dumb Idea?
    Many I have spoken to strongly suggest the exact same for the tack of buying in, and self imposing restriction upon restriction in order to fit within the current confines. Going that particular route holds absolutely zero hope of ever seeing an increase percentage-wise in the future. Period. Full Stop.

    And maybe those folks you mention might actually realize they were screwed over by DFO and their political accomplices originally, and that a little pain may be required to get things back on track.
    And maybe, just maybe their realizations, and their subsequent anger might just be the incentive that is required to get the halibut ball rolling in the right direction again.
    For a change...

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  15. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Some very good points made here by Iron Noggin. If we ever hope to increase our share of the TAC we have to show DFO and their political masters that 15% is NOT enough. If we always carefully manage our harvesting to be under our TAC, we may be seen as responsible, but we will never get to increase our TAC for doing this - as we continually prove to them we don't need any more. Time for a different approach if we want to increase out TAC - common sense dictates this!
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  16. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    From the sounds of it we are not going to use up our halibut tac this year! was it because we released to many barn doors? or was it because halibut was just not very abundant? and our effort went elsewhere?
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  17. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    I understand that once log books are done trickling in and final irec is tallied it was looking like about between 50-60k would be left. So around 6%. Someone correct me if That has changed.

    From what I heard, and read on here, outside of the poor reports from the south end , fishing was good. Just hard to find small enough fish at times . 115cm does not allow for much of the demographic to be harvested. Wen there are less small fish out there.

    That said, agree with choice or not, ( I sure as hell did not)the goal last year was to once again try to model for a full season and stay with the 2 fish. So if we end up under 60k it would not have taken much of a change to have used it up.
  18. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Well the South Coast SFAC groups largely voted for 1:1, biggest fish, and for most part were OK with shortening season to accomplish larger fish. North Coast meets this weekend, so we will soon learn what their preferences are. Did you attend your SFAC and vote?

    I have NO argument with someone leading the charge to go after more of a fair split in Rec vs Commercial TAC. As you could note from my earlier posts, along with the data to prove that other areas in the US have significantly more apportionment to the Rec sector than Canada. There is a viable argument there - we have an election year coming....timing is perhaps right. Only problem for us is we have so many very large issues brewing right now that there are no horses left in the barn to take up the cause. I'm up to my eyeballs in SRKW Critical Habitat and management measures like Sanctuaries (which are full closures with no vessel traffic allowed - ergo no fishing), Chinook crisis on the Fraser, SARA listing for Steelhead and 60 day rolling closures down the WCVI all the way into the Fraser, Prey Availability, Yellow Eye, FN tier 4 government fees (park fees to access fishing areas) - never before seen so many potential show stoppers for the recreational fishery in my life.

    Please, please someone step up and get the ball rolling. We need help, not arm chair critics. Anyone?
  19. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Yes that sounds about right....we won't know the final tally until later next week. Needs to be a few more voices within the SFAB process to push back against DFO's insistence on keeping to Halibut Options that result in less than 100% of our TAC being realized (caught). Far too risk adverse. Our performance is in Area 2B - notice Area 3A and Area 2A, 2C as compared to us. IMO our goal should be to fish 100% of our TAC every year...not leave anything in the water. So plan a fishery around protecting certain high value months (whatever people agree on) and then put at risk of early closure those months in the fall that are less important. And, be prepared (as in warn everyone) that we will have a short-notice closure once we reach our TAC...just plan that to happen at a time where we have been able to ensure that the core high value months have a full fishery. Looking at the catch data, the months with highest catch are June to Sept. Perhaps that is a good proxy?

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  20. SpringVelocity

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    Cue in the conspiracy music.


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